Semantic eScience Meeting September 21, 2012

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General Meeting Information

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  • Meeting
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  • Call-in information
    • 1. Please join my meeting.
    • eScience Meeting 2012-09-21, 3PM EDT, Winslow 1140
    • 2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.
    • Dial +1 (805) 309-0012
    • Access Code: 776-009-689
    • Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
    • Meeting ID: 776-009-689


  • Stephan will give a ~15min presentation on Ontology documentation
  • Everyone gives short talk about his eScience related project


  • Jin
  • Marshall
  • Stephan
  • Linyun
  • Eric
  • Yu (Yanning)
  • Han

Past Action Items

  • All participants to consider when they want to give a 15 mins presentation in the bi-weekyl eScience meetings (~1 per meeting session).

Action Items

  • Yu will present his summer work at next meeting Oct 5th,possibly


Scriber: Jin

  • Stephan's Presentation: Ontology Documentation
    • Human readable notes (like comments to java codes etc.)
    • tools can be use and process
    • Prov-O Ontology Document as example
    • Almost Everything in Prov-O Document is generated automatically
    • Tool: LODE ( )
    • MDSA Project Documentation is generated by using LODE ( )
    • Topbraid (pay version and free version)
    • generate documentation like java doc
    • content negotiation (presents human readable document to user)
    • Another tool:

eScience Related Project

  • Round-table: what will you be doing or would you like to be doing this semester related to eScience?

Yu Chen

1. DCO--Sensor Semantic Web platform that conforms to the SOS standard, much similar to Linked My Data project at CSIRO
2. Remaining work for Continueous Flow Forecast for CSIRO, machine learning stuff.
3. Context Modeling using semantic knowledge along with statistical modeling, with a couple of guys from ECSE


  • DCO
    • Reading materials now. Going to talk to John.
  • SVF (Semantic Vernacular for Fungi)
    • Some work left from summer


  • and
  • literature review for geodata portal generation


  • GCIS Project
    • Design and Develop information model for
    • Already had few meetings with Stephan and Marshall and co-workers from USGCRP to discuss ontology modeling, use cases, and prototype
    • Working to catch the Sept. 30th prototype deadline
      • Set up triple stores and loaded instance data for prototype


  • Working on RDESC project, will be investigating hybrid triplestores / RDF modeling, resource re-publishing, demo building
  • FacetOntology implementation for S2S (alternative to OpenSearch, just annotate data schema/ontology!)
    • [Stephan] what is a hybrid triplestore? SQL + SPARQL


  • Projects: GCIS-IMSAP, DCO-DS
  • Research: OGC+JavaScript+W3C, GeoSparql
  • Advise students


  • GCIS: Developing semantic metadata representation for the NCA (National Climate Assessment)
  • dcterms:subject project:GCIS
  • key statements from report chapters are associated with images, figures, data tables from papers and which cite datasets
  • Will work on RDESC (described above) with Eric


  • VSTO Ontology Review completed and passed on to Peter and Deborah
  • VSTO Ontology 3.0 work with Stephan using O&M and SSN
  • VSTO web portal re-write, web-service updates
  • MetPetDB re-write of web services using Django
  • DCO September release (using Drupal Commons)
  • Infrastructure support


  • Semantic tagging of meeting notes -- from 'Semantic eScience' Meeting to Semantic 'eScience Meeting'
    • How best to semantically tag the meeting notes during note taking?
    • Tagging projects and other things in notes can make it easy to quickly bring up mentions of semantic entities after the meeting.
    • One option is to train DBPedia Spotlight on our past meetings and the contents of our website knowledge base
    • another option is to "grow our own" tagger