Semantic eScience Meeting September 07, 2012

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Welcome to TitanPad!

General Meeting Information


  • Quick reports - what you did over summer
  • Summary of projects finished over summer
  • New projects for the Fall (students) and general themes
  • AGU


  • Eric
  • Peter
  • Stephan
  • Yu
  • Jin
  • Linyun
  • Marshall
  • Lu Cai
  • Patrick
  • Patrice

Past Action Items

  • MD - to post link to ICES poster for this group to review -
  • PF - schedule an "Indicator" common interest session, 3 talks, and discussion (aim to record)
    • Quality work (Stephan)
    • ECOOP Indicator (Massimo)
    • FUSE (Deborah/ James)
  • SZ determine a plan for who might complete the documentation for the VSTO/SESF/STOM ontologies and make suggestions on how tge process can be included as new ontology are developed
  • Marshall prepare a demo of the visualization work with d3
    • Updates on 09/10/2012: Marshall will give a talk(15 mins) at eScience meeting on Oct 19
  • Stephan to prepare a demo on the use of ELDA
  • PF to figure the Bharad as organizer situation (with PW)

Action Items

  • All participants to consider when they want to give a 15 mins presentation in the bi-weekyl eScience meetings (~1 per meeting session).


Future escience meetings
- Stephan on Ontology documentation, sept 21
- Patrice on his project data1
- Peter and Eric to give presentation on rdesc, sept 28 or oct 5
- Peter give presentation on dco, sept 28th

 - Marshall give presentation on exploratory visualization with d3 on Oct 19

Liu new undergraduate, junior undergraduate, research with Peter


Finished three NASA proje to, MDSA, DQSS, semantic
Finished SPCDIS
Finished first part of sesf
Renewal for sesf won't go in untl later 2012
Two community escience portal
- cmspv, and
- gcis, semantically aware faceted search and provenance level support for report generation
Rdesc, doe funded three year project with pnnl
- Benno lee will help out on this project
Dco is the big project
- eight year project
- different students at different times
- quantifying the uncertainties of carbon in the deep earth
- $500,000 each year for next eight years
- $5 million
- yo Chen and Han Wang are students working on this

Anyone can collaborate with anyone in the lab, share research, learn as much as possible, interact a much as possible.

Geospacial semantics integrated with temporal semantics and domain semantics. This is where we want to position ourselves. Collaborative development with multiple organizations

AGU - announcements for session allocation, etc... Is about two weeks away.
- we have a table this year

Yu Chen says CSIRO would like to do collaboration with us again. Ict group there. Andrew Terhorst. They have an operational sensor network that links data science and provenance. Tons of research problems. They don't have enough people to look at the information.

Summer Status Report


  • ESIP meeting
  • GCIS
  • DCO-DS
  • Extension of PhD work (core issues: Sparql queries, D3.js)
  • HABRI Central group contacted me
    • An online platform for open research and collaboration into the relationships between humans and animals, specifically companion animals.
    • PI: Christopher C Charles
    • HABRI is looking at creating a semantically-encoded ontology, and incorporating it into the GIS framework that it would like to build.
    • Want to know: (1) what the benefits are of doing that, and (2) how one goes about doing it.
    • I recommeneded portals of MetPetDB and BCO-DMO to them for reference, and the S2S and Semantic eScience work at TW.

Eric Rozell

  • Internship at Microsoft (Online Services Division)
    • Mostly UI requests for context widgets and hierarchy facets
    • Hierarchy facets are currently down due to issue with SeaVox vocab
  • DataONE
    • Worked with Patrice to onboard S2S
  • IE bug fixes
  • Curtis Wong Meeting at MSR Redmond
    • Discussed need for more generic "facet-like" capabilities for WWT (world wide telescope)

Linyun Fu ( mostly copied from )


  • intern at GE working on Gas Turbine Trip (Unexpected Shutdown) Diagnostics code restructuring.
    • describe domain concepts with SADL ( )
    • separate diagnostics logics from Java source code, and put them in SADL rule files
    • wrap the code for integrating into cloud based infrastructure.


  • Literature Survey for Portal Generation
    • Portlet (JSR168 and 286)
    • AGU/EGU papers
    • ISWC/ASWC/ESWC papers
  • and

Yu Chen


  • Winter CSIRO
  • Provenance Based Continuous Flow Forecasting in the South Esk River
  • Evaluated CSIRO's current stream flow prediction
  • Develope the machine learning system for stream flow prediction
  • Increased the prediction accuracy of the system from 65% to 95% in a data-driven approach
  • Papers on hydro modeling, time series analysis on draft for Journal of Hydrology and IJCAI


  • Research Qualification Exam
  • Finish the following up experiments on testing the developed model
  • Machine learning as a web service
  • Semantic Composer

Jin Zheng

  • Summer intern at Washington D.C.
    • Work at USGCRP (United States Global Change Research Program)
    • Project: GCIS (Global Change Information System)
      • Goal: Perform information modeling about NCA (National Climate Assessement) report, and develop some application prototype such as facet search for the online version of the report, etc.
      • Design and encoded initial Ontology and Provenance for the report and created some instance data for testing purpose.
      • help them on setting up environment that is needed for future application development
      • explore tools and applications that is interested to them

Stephan Zednik

  • Finished up tech infusion for MDSA project (
    • Tech and knowledge transfer to GSFC who will maintain/develop MDSA going forward
    • Ontology annotations and documentation
      • All our ontologies should be documented as such
  • Tech lead on GCIS project which is just this month starting up
  • Member on the the W3 Provenance WG
    • Lead on implementation report and PROV-XML activities
  • Worked with USGS on various Linked data activities
    • Exposing USGS observational data as linked data, conforming to O&M Ontologies
    • Leveraging Linked Data API
      • spec:
      • implementation:
  • Extending VSTO with observations described via an extension of O&M
    • Solar-Terrestrial Observation Model (STOM)
    • leveraging Simon Cox's O&M ontologies (linked above)
    • focus of my AGU FM 2012 abstract

Patrick West

  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Working with BCO-DMO group at WHOI on the Semantic eScience Framework (SeSF) testbed for their data portal
    • getting the S2S portal up and working with their map-server (mostly Eric Rozell)
    • working with different collaborators on linked data presentation, linking to other sites, etc...
    • working with them on ontology development
  • VSTO 2.0 ontology review
    • ontology review docoument almost complete
  • VSTO 3.0 ontology development and 3.0 data portal
    • new version of portal
    • not dependent on the old NCAR code base which is outdated and difficult to work with
    • new portal development, new web services, new S2S faceted browse interface, etc...
  • MetPetDB
    • spent most of the summer on this project
    • working on version 2.0, new web services, S2S faceted browse interface, data access and data entry
  • Lots of infrastructure support and support for everyone else on their projects
  • Moved back to Colorado