Semantic eScience Meeting August 10, 2012

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Welcome to TitanPad!

General Meeting Information


  • Ontology Evaluation funding (Amruta is returning on Aug 15 and inquires re: funding)
  • Status updates


  • Stephan Zednik
  • Peter Fox
  • Marshall X Ma
  • Deborah McGuinness
  • Joanne Luciano

Past Action Items

  • PF - talk with Marshall about plans - DONE (one abstract submitted to AGU in IN)
  • MD - check AGU sessions for suitability for ECOOP - DONE (2 abstracts submitted one in OS, and one in IN)
  • MD - to post link to ICES poster for this group to review -
  • SZ - AGU abstract - DONE (see
  • PF - schedule an "Indicator" common interest session, 3 talks, and discussion (aim to record)
    • Quality work (Stephan)
    • ECOOP Indicator (Massimo)
    • FUSE (Deborah/ James)

Action Items

  • SZ determine a plan for who might complete the documentation for the VSTO/SESF/STOM ontologies and make suggestions on how tge process can be included as new ontology are developed
  • Marshall prepare a demo of the visualization work with d3
  • Stephan to prepare a demo on the use of ELDA
  • PF to figure the Bharad as organizer situation (with PW)


See AGU Submissions at

  • If you submitted an abstract, add the final version to the above page

Peter also submitted a NEON abstract, Patrick to present


  • Ontology documentation - annotations for properties and classes, based in MDSA project
  • LODE - tool to generate documentation (like JavaDoc) based on the ontology file, uses content negotation to get html, rdf/xml, etc.
  • Will add quality for SeSF

LODE Live OWL Documentation Environment -

  • ELDA - linked data API

Linked Data API -



  • GCIS kick off meeting was Wednesday, we are writing up note, will report at next eSci mtg
  • ICiS - report forthcoming


  • GCIS kicked off
    • First stage due at end of September
    • Information models - to cooperate with Stephan
    • RDF schema and Sparql endpoint - to cooperate with Jin
    • Provenace - to cooperate with Jin and Curt
    • URI schema - to cooperate with Jin and Curt
  • Exploratory visualzation with ontologies and online geo-data services
    • From Javascript+Flare+SKOS+WMS+SLD to Javascript+D3.js+JSON+WMS+SLD
    • Can present a demo at TW