Semantic eScience Meeting July 27, 2012

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General Meeting Information


  • AGU Fall Meeting 2012 submission discussion
  • SeSF task discussion
  • report on Demo with NOAA Marine Fisheries (Massimo)


  • Joanne Luciano
  • Stephan Zednik
  • Deborah McGuinness
  • Le Nguyen
  • Peter
  • Massimo Di Stefano

Past Action Items

  • DONE - PW: Conversation for meeting at ESIP
  • DONE - PW: Conversation for tabling at AGU
  • ALL: abstract submission ideas by the 27th of July
    • see line below for web page.
  • PW: Conversation for abstracts at AGU
    • Done
  • PW,PF,CC: Conversation about URI "construction"
    • Pending but will report back to this group
  • DONE - SZ: ontology version IRI, will share document
  • PW,DM: Deborah showing SemantAqua Monday morning at Seattle and Wednesday morning at ESIP keynote. Make sure they have access to aquarius.
    • Complete
    • Resource problem on aquarius, might be S2S, MDSA not running on aquarius,
  • Peter asked for assessment of SeSF tasks between now and end of Aug.

Action Items

  • PF - talk with Marshall about plans
  • MD - check AGU sessions for suitability for ECOOP
  • MD - to post link to ICES poster for this group to review
  • SZ - AGU abstract
  • PF - schedule an "Indicator" common interest session, 3 talks, and discussion (aim to record)
    • Quality work (Stephan)
    • ECOOP Indicator (Massimo)
    • FUSE (Deborah/ James)


Free conference calling and free recording here:
Joanne not available on Aug 24, 2012

the ontology evaluation tasks are still early stage: summary is as follows

  • NIST funding sought, should hear this month
  • Informal workshop held at ICBO, Graz this past Saturday, there's a community interested in working on establishing useful measurements. We could easily get a list of at least 10 people from different countries and continents interested in contributing in ontology quality. One thought I have is that we might set up some kind of wiki or collaborative and to ask people to add metrics with a description, how it could be calculated, if someone is already calculating it, and how people think they contribute to quality and we might them classify and select them and propose them as a community-driven framework.
  • Amruta will be resuming activities (see previous posts) in about two weeks time (mid August).

Question: Should this be listed with working groups?
Semantically Enabled Modeling of Major Depressive Disorder (SEMMDD)
Research Areas: Semantic eScience, Data Science, Ontology Engineering Environments
Principal Investigator: Joanne S. Luciano
Description: In this project, we study the effects of how different antidepressant treatments, including non-pharmacological treatments, affect the underlying brain regions, clinical symptoms, and behaviors. We use mathematical modeling and computer simulation to combine clinical research with neuroscience research.
Concepts: Semantic eScience, Data Science
--> Outcomes:

    Yuezheng Xiao's master's thesis 
    More work needed -- data cleaning on larger data set to be able to make clinical claims
    Hope to submit NIH NLM R01 in October

-->PW,PF,CC: Conversation about URI "construction" -- am interested in this to see if/how applies to HCLS

AGU Submissions

  • We want to have as many first authors to submit
  • Not everyone will be able to go this year
  • Someone who is going can present a paper/poster that you're first author on
  • We will have a table again this year
  • TW Abstract Process
    • Have abstract topics and targeted sessions determined by July 27th
    • Discuss/coordinate with group before submitting
    • Put abstract suggestions on
  • 47 informatics sessions ... WOW!!!
  • Maybe want to focus on Semantics and Provenance
  • Citizen Science submissions, potentially get started on the conversation this year and have more of a presence in future conferences

Simon Cox's ISO Ontologies

  • May be usefule for Mossimo's need to ingest ISO 19115 metadata
  • Base directory for several ontologies based on multiple ISO numbered standards
  • Latest version ISO 19115 ontologies are at