Semantic eScience Meeting June 1, 2012

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General Meeting Information


  • Status


  • Patrick
  • Stephan
  • Amruta
  • Patrice (new postdoc) - (
  • Deborah

Past Action Items

Action Items

  • PW: OCM event does not have an instance


Patrick and Stephan visit next week

  • Patrick arrives Sunday, departs Saturday afternoon
  • Stephan arrives Sunday, departs Thursday night
  • Stephan and Patrick will be in Troy next week
  • USGS monday and tuesday
  • What is going on in the USGS? Any work which Patrice and Amruta can take up with regards to the USGS ?
  • Publications for the web sites, not so much in line with what Data One is interested in

Data One: Data about the earth ... MetPetDB?

Plans for next week:

  • Agenda for Monday and Tuesday
    • Use case session develop a vocabulary ontology on intercommunication between agencies in the coastal marine spatial planning domain.
      • planning issues and modelling issues in coastal marine
  • Meeting with students, general meetings. Stephan is Interested in meeting with Patrice

  • Getting Patrice on the e-science work.
  • Deborah will be meeting Mark at IPAW on monday afternoon to discuss the Stream health use case. Stephan may join
  • Provenance was going to be kicked off inthe BCO-DMO work

workshop monday and tuesday.
Stephan: (CHARGE!)


  • Work with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • Biological Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office
  • Transferring their relational database to triple stores


  • event instance:
  • dates: June 18-22 2012
  • location: Santa Barbara CA

VSTO Ontology Review

  • Stephan: Talk with Peter for the next steps
  • Action Items
    • Mostly questions about if we are using something or no during the review process
    • Discussion topics ?

Review shouldnt change the ontology but suggestions should change the ontology.

  • Determine more suggestions for changing the VSTO ontology


  • Still in the initial stages. Need to brainstorm
  • Wednesday next week (at 3?): Brainstorming on Geodata Linked Data (Thing)
  • Patrice ( would be attending as well.