Semantic eScience Meeting May 4, 2012

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General Meeting Information


  • foaf records for GeoData attendees, project ideas


  • Thiru
  • Han
  • Linyun
  • Le
  • Stephan (remote)
  • Patrick (remote)
  • Joanne
  • Jay
  • Eric (regrets, could not make it)
  • Amruta (system crashed and not on campus today, couldn't make it to the meeting)

Question - are all on this list expected to attend the meeting and send regrets if they cannot make it?
(for example, all with the exception of those outside TWC, for whom it is optional)?

On the escience mailing list
? Amruta Akut
? Yanning(Yu) Chen
? Massimo DiStafano
x Deborah McGuiness - traveling
n Katie Dunn Linyun Fu
n Heiko Mueller Joanne Luciano
x Yang Li - class Thiru Le Nguyen
x Peter Fox - traveling Eric Rozell Jay Sanghvi
x Sapan Shah - final presentation for class
n Naveen Kumar Sridhar Han Wang Patrick West Stephan Zednik

n - not required
? - should be but not
x - excused

Past Action Items

  • None

Action Items

  • hash tag #GeoData2012
  • ability to enter abstracts using twform module in drupal, thereby creating foaf:document
    • would absolutely have to have editing available
    • ability to add annotations to presentations during the presentation, or just enable commenting on that drupal page
  • badges should have user's QR code and twitter id
  • show geodata2012 twitter feed during conference, possibly generate RDF from twitter feed
  • PF: when is the workshop/conference - date not set, nor location


    • is a place where people can create a foaf document
  • ESIP Federation at is using linked data to describe members, organizations, and group/cluster membership / interest
    • I would like to return my foaf RDF.
    • foaf spec is at

if you go to and type in your URI where it says "Check by URI" it will display your triples.

  • foaf spec
  • GeoData foaf ideas
    • Be able to display where people are coming from. Organization. Over a map. (foaf:based_near)
    • Friend of a friend (foaf:knows relationships, will need mechanism for users to create relationships)
    • interests/keywords/comments (foaf:topic_interest used to reference interest in a topic/concept)
    • what roles people play (researcher, professor, application developer, etc...)
    • we could automatically generate foaf Documents for GeoData presentations, specifying authors, topic and show during the conference
    • Use colors and/or shapes on conference attendee badges to identify interests, occupation
    • leverage 4square (check-in to presentations, break-out) , twitter information (leverage followers for foaf:knows, twitter feeds)
    • who is willing to help
      • Stephan -- willing to develop, ideas, driving, will be at GeoData to help present project
      • Patrick
      • Han -- for developing, starting from late summer
      • Le - willing to develop, ideas
      • Linyun -- anything, starting from Aug 11
      • Joanne - sounding board / bounce ideas / profide feedback
      • Jay - for feedback and ideas, not available during the summer untill 2nd week of Aug.
      • Thiru - not available between 3rd week of May till end of August
      • Amruta - available this summer and ready to work.. :)