Semantic eScience Meeting March 23, 2012

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Welcome to TitanPad!

General Meeting Information


  • Scribe (Eric)
  • Quick Update
  • Apache OODT


  • Eric
  • Patrick
  • Massimo (remote)
  • Linyun
  • Le
  • Han
  • Stephan (remote)
  • Deborah (remote for now)
  • Thiru
  • Katie (late, remote, no mic)

Past Action Items

  • All Done

Action Items

  • SZ: Send link to distributed Jena queries to Eric
  • ER: UIMA presentation in 2 weeks (or find someone to present)
  • Austin: presentation into SeSF working group? Somewhere on Drupal


    • put together basic workflow based on Brian's request for "usage details", got response from James
    • need to get an activity diagrams
    • Need clarification on post conditions
  • Apache OODT
    • Austin Introduction to Apache OODT [Download]
    • Is it a workflow system? - It's a very general system, and has a workflow engine, but not specifically designed for workflow
    • Is the CAS (Catalog and Archive) in OODT equivalent to the CAS in UIMA (no, catalog and archive service vs. common analysis structure)
    • Workflow repository and workflow engine? -

    • Does OODT capture provenance - did not find anything on it
    • Stanford free online Natural Language Processing class: - "Registration closed March 18" - but can still follow along on videos?
    • What could we use it for?
      • HAO (or possibly RAMADA might meet needs too)
      • CEDAR? Has pretty involved system already, but might be nice to move to a standard system.
    • What does this do that OpenDAP doesn't do?
      • SZ: supports more complex metadata queries than OpenDAP catalogs
      • workflow management of science processing
      • workflow of metadata extraction, better metadata cataloging
      • data archival & curation
      • file manager tracks versions of data (provenance here?)
      • resource management
      • push/pull framework (OPeNDAP only supports 'pull')

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