Semantic eScience Meeting February 10, 2012

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General Meeting Information



  • Patrick
  • Eric (available for first half hour only)
  • Han
  • Katie
  • Le
  • Austin
  • Deborah remote for the first half hour online only
  • Amruta
  • Thiru
  • Stephan
  • Peter (titanpad - see comments below)

Past Action Items

  • PW: schedule SeSF kickoff meeting for Spring Semester (TICKET)
  • PW: schedule BCO-DMO kickoff meeting for Spring Semester (DONE)
  • PW: schedule NESDAA kickoff meeting for Spring Semester (TICKET)
  • PW: SeSF working groups, mark as priorities (color code), status to priority (TICKET)
  • SZ: Provenance Integration Working Group in SeSF (TICKET)
  • PW: Next escience meeting give out the NEON use case ( (DONE)
  • PW: NESDAA images from last meeting on project pages (DONE)


  • KD: schedule meeting (DONE)
  • PF collect and vet EGU abstract ideas/ prepare submissions/ submit (DONE)

Action Items

  • PW: Separate page for discussion topics for escience and provenance
  • SZ,PW: OODT references and resources, assign student to look into, presentation on OODT
  • PW: contact Luca on OODT (and Chris Mattman)
  • PW: what project is Austin working on, moore foundation project? Check with Peter (say more please... or can this wait?)


  • Brief updates on current projects
    • Doing sprints for BCO-DMO, VSTO, MetPetDB* Ontology review for VSTO
    • Drafting a review plan, meeting next Friday, February 17, 3pm
  • - need more documentation from Arun?
    • Patrick talked to Naveen about joining the project
    • Current documentation here:
  • Discussion driven meetings
    • e.g. Data citations
    • ontology/graph versioning
    • uri conventions
    • Linked Data API & related conventions (ties into URI conventions, HTTP Status 303 (See Other)
    • OODT ( Set of frameworks to build the entire (some) pipeline.
      • It's metadata for middleware (and vice versa):
        • Transparent access to distributed resources
        • Data discovery and query optimization
        • Distributed processing and virtual archives
      • But it's not just for science! It's also a software architecture:
        • Models for information representation
        • Solutions to knowledge capture problems
        • Unification of technology, data, and metadata
    • DPSIR Model (Driver-Pressure-State-Impact-Response Model)
      • Han presentation on this topic
      • Need to loop Massimo into this topic as well
  • Amruta to be working on Ontology Review as well.
  • Ontology Review meeting on Wednesday 11 am.

is this the vsto ontology review that chose wed feb 15 at 11? instead of fri at 3? or in addition to friday at 3?