Semantic eScience Meeting January 27, 2012

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General Meeting Information


  • Scribe (Katie)
  • Past Action Items
  • Ontology Evaluation


  • Katie
  • Linyun
  • Eric
  • Patrick
  • Stephan (remote)
  • Sapan
  • Naveen
  • Amruta

Past Action Items

  • PW: schedule SeSF kickoff meeting for Spring Semester (TICKET)
  • PW: schedule BCO-DMO kickoff meeting for Spring Semester (DONE)
  • PW: schedule NESDAA kickoff meeting for Spring Semester (TICKET)
  • PW: SeSF working groups, mark as priorities (color code), status to priority (TICKET)
  • SZ: Provenance Integration Working Group in SeSF (TICKET)
  • PW: Next escience meeting give out the NEON use case (
  • PW: NESDAA images from last meeting on project pages (TICKET)
    • architecture
  • KD: schedule meeting (DONE)
  • PF collect and vet EGU abstract ideas/ prepare submissions/ submit (DONE)

Action Items

  • Student to use to provide rich snippits for Winslow building, see what that does with google search results


  • Stephan's in town next week discussion

  • Stephan suggests talking about at some point.
    • group at USGS is interested in it - interested in annotating USGS webpages, especially those that have data products.
      • what format to use for a data product? They're thinking of using the "product" annotation, but isn't this meant for something like Amazon products?
  • is a registry of google-recognized annotation formats. supposed to improve search results.
  • TW has a lot of RDFa about publications, but we use our own internal format. Better to use a one?
  • they don't use FOAF - unfortunate.
  • Eric: community that was using FOAF is prob. smaller than community using because of major search engine buy-in
  • How does marking things up in the format improve search results?
  • Hard to find the one site that USGS wants you to find.
  • does marking things up as ScholarlyArticle make it more likely for them to show up in Google Scholar?
  • Stephan suggests setting search alert - lets you know when search results change - might be one way of testing what the results of marking up this way are.
  • Do scholarly publishers use markup? Maybe we could ask Peter if he knows anything about this as an editor of a journal.
  • Maybe put a student on experimenting with this? Stephan doesn't think our current annotations are being used by anyone - would using annotations give us any benefit?
  • Interesting FAQ on Google: regarding
    • "Google doesn’t use markup for ranking purposes at this time—but rich snippets can make your web pages appear more prominently in search results, so you may see an increase in traffic."
  • Maybe test it by trying to get a location to show up for Tetherless World in Google using markup? (Action item)
    • wouldn't have to break current RDFa to try this, would only have to edit one page to try it out, instead of ALL the publication pages.
  • Using RDFa with
  • can request that Google re-crawl your website - might save you a few days over how soon it would be re-crawled normally.

Ontology Evaluation

  • Amruta: Joanne and I are starting to develop ontology evaluation framework. Will any code we create be independent, or incorporated into the SeS framework?
  • Patrick: this is for the grant proposal? Ontologies in SeS do need to be evaluated before that work is finished, but the code for evaluation will be separate from SeSF.
    • (NSF grant proposal: software to do ontology evaluations -)
      • Stephan:LINT-like: looks for patterns within code that may be problematic, but won't be caught by a compiler
      • Patrick: more than that: take an information model, compare with existing ontologies?
      • Eric: should talk to Jin about semantic similarity work.
  • Amruta: what use cases should the ontologies be eval. against?
  • Patrick: BCO-DMO, NEON, VSTO. Those need to be formalized more, information model developed (extension of use cases). Then, do some ontology evaluation from that. Use cases can be found on the project webpages.
  • Also working on writing a conference proposal of GOEF to ICBO-FOIS conference.
  • Meeting Wed 1st at 9:30: Tim's doing things with DataFAQs, James: Fuse, Joanne, ontology information - these people want to share information.