Semantic eScience Meeting December 16, 2011

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General Meeting Information


  • scribe
  • holiday break
    • Han - January 17
    • Eric - not leaving... but taking some time
    • Patrick - January 5th *
    • Le - January 4th
    • Katie - January 4th
    • Naveen - January 21st
    • Linyun - January 11th
  • post-agu
    • note all AGU attendees (yes, me too) will need a blog entry (or many) on their participation, experience, etc. this is really important for many reasons (thanks, this is the boss typing...)
  • bco-dmo 0.5 (bcodmo 3.0 ontology)
  • initial work efforts starting in mid-Jan through the first few months of 2012 (please add what each of your plans are right now for this period)
  • status


  • Peter (will be watching while in a mtg).
  • Deborah will attend remotely while in a meeting
  • Eric (will be calling in)
  • Stephan (remote)
  • Arun
  • Han
  • Katie
  • Patrick
  • Le
  • Naveen

People Saying Hello to Peter

  • Patrick - hey boss +1 for this

Past Action Items

Action Items



  • Success of S2S means new requests for deployment (~5 instances, this is a big deal and one that we need to discuss early in the new year)
  • More to come


  • Success of S2S means new requests for deployment - yes also for dataOne (using the datasets that are in the mercury version of ORNL dataOne search

Possibly with USGS as well - Deborah just got off a call with USGS in follow up to agu meeting as well - more for semantic water quality issues but may also have an s2s component of interest as well

  • lots of interest in the semantic water quality portal - also from steve young at EPA
  • IGNITE talk well received and really nice format
  • sky bristol (USGS) is likely to stay connected with us through a number of paths but probably one will be through the advanced semantic technologies class in the springg
  • More to come


  • Lot of interest around S2S
  • We are good at showing why people should be interested in our work
  • Meeting with CIO regarding using linked data as a primary format to linking abstracts
  • Building faceted browser for AGU using S2S
  • Purpose for having a table ? - Promote graduate school, could have done demos, most of interest was towards Earth and Environmental Science
  • Spoke with Doug Fills, S2S browser for ocean leadership program


  • Natrual movement in the same direction in the community.
  • Linked data with observation information, Simon Cox - from CSIRO, linked data api (ELDA)
  • Table - not the right people at the table, needed someone who would have been able to promote the different graduate programs
    • no demos at the table, supposed to be for academic


  • Poster on Temporal Modeling
    • Chris from Nasa - doing similar work with relational databases
  • Back from break by Jan 17


  • Learning experience at AGU. Got to know what people are looking for.
  • Table was useful for the first couple of days


  • Table was worth it.
    • We need someone who knows the graduate program more.
    • Most of the brochures were taken.
  • OpenDAP needs more people. It's an open source community with 4(?) people
  • Chris Mattmann? - OODT
    • Publishing data through OPeNDAP
  • OPeNDAP becoming
  • Who is looking to absorb OPeNDAP to Unidata. One person in Nasa wanting to fund a project where OPeNDAP and Unidata collaborate on their efforts
  • OPeNDAP is an organization looking to build open source version of DAP protocol


  • Leaving after christmas and coming back by 3rd week of January
  • SPCDIS Visualization - Will be working with Le


  • DSpace documentation -
  • DSpace modified source code -
  • Patrick: Possibility of using to store MetPetDB data?


  • Katie has some to report on the connections with Nathan and the Mushroom project - it went very well.
  • Nathan is interested in continuing and the notion of semantic vernaculars is worth pursuing (from deborah's perspective for KR as well as from nathan's from the mushroom world.)

we will look at what it takes to connect to

  • Capture of provenance information when (for example) one person suggests a term, and others help to refine definition of that term, comment on it, etc.


First few months of 2012 before the end of time

  • Getting my head on straight

Stephan Early 2012 Work Efforts

  • MDSA RESTful advisor
  • MDSA Bias Ontology
  • Data Quality (DQ) Ontology
  • VSTO integration with Simon's O&M Ontology (STOM)
  • DQSS Primer

Le Early 2012 Work Efforts

  • VSTO
  • MetPetDB

  ** development on producing an alpha build
  ** finish setting up infrastructure
  ** mobile app development
  ?  what is the mobile app aimed at - metPetDB?


Eric Early 2012 Work Efforts

  • AGU Blogs
    • One about various forms of interoperability and S2S
    • One about plans for linked AGU data
  • Plans for Jan 2012 - ?
    • Finalize S2S for VSTO (debugging all workflows, hierarchy widgets, designing OPeNDAP response widget)
    • S2S for IODP (with Doug Fils)
    • BCO-DMO linked data browser (like the AGU linked data browser, based on LODSPeaKr)
    • BCO-DMO 1.0 release (free-text search, more SeaVox facets, deployment types facet, ???)
    • S2S for AGU abstract data (meeting with Michael O'Brien, CIO of AGU on January 6 in D.C. to discuss this)
    • Revisit S2S backend for leveraging linked data descriptions of S2S services, widgets, etc.
    • New (not yet discussed) plan for facets based on linked vocab


Han Early 2012 Work Efforts

  • VSTO implementation in S2S (with Eric)
  • Mushroom project (with Katie, Deborah, Nathan)
  • PhD initial planning

Linyun Early 2012 Work Efforts

  • Air quality portal project (with Deborah, maybe William)
  • Portal ontology and application integration (with Patrick, Eric)
  • Field survey

Citation and Attribution

  • A lot of people saying yeah we need to do it, but doesn't seem like there's a lot of momentum of actually doing something
  • A system that actually works - need to demonstrate value coming back to people putting effort into making their data citable, citing other people's data.
  • Mark Parsons is "leading the charge" on this, perhaps talk with him in 2012
  • ESIP - Preservation and Stewardship
    • guidelines for data providers, nothing on data users
      • - to be approved at upcoming winter 2012 meeting?