Semantic eScience Meeting November 18, 2011

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Welcome to TitanPad!

General Meeting Information


  • Scribe
  • Past Action Items
  • Ontology Components
  • Time


  • Patrick
  • Eric
  • Stephan
  • Naveen
  • Han
  • Linyun
  • Le
  • Rajashree
  • Sapan
  • Peter
  • deborah - remote - titanpad only

Past Action Items

  • PW: Put up pictures from NESDAA Meeting - Ticket (DONE)
  • NESDAA: Next Steps, look at different tasks for the projects, working groups (DONE)
  • PF & PW: ontology components and someone to work on them (very bottom) - Ticket (ongoing)
  • ER: graph rename script for Virtuoso (DONE)

Action Items

  • PW: timeline from Peter/Stephan/Le discussion on eScience theme page
  • deborah - sorry I am not able to call in but am trying to monitor the titanpad.

I would like to stay up to date on the escience theme page as well and contribute

  • ALL: Update your working group pages. Add architecture information. "How did you do that" type of information. Useful for PI for writing reports. Usefull for new people to learn how things work. Useful for outsiders to learn more. Etc...
  • PW, ER, LN: Aquarius down. Need it back up ASAP for OrgPedia work



  • Peter
    • Meet with Patrick, Stephan, and Le, discussed timeline for eScience projects
    • Awarded with a grant for 8-10 years for eScience activity

Deep Carbon Foundation

  • Rajashree
    • Attach annotation to service
    • OWL-S Profile section, one of three sections
      • ServiceProfile
      • ServiceModel
      • ServiceGrounding
    • Open Search describes the inputs and outputs, but not what the service is all about. OWL-S would be able to cover this
    • Writing queries for BCO-DMO using Virtuoso bifs for search
  • Naveen
    • Provenance
    • Trust ontologies, met with Ankesh
  • Han
    • VSTO open service for S2S, modified php code due to upgrade in virtuoso? The php code was written to fix a bug in virtuoso
    • problem in timing in doing searches, might be due to change in configuration
    • Met with Amruta, talk about map widget for S2S
  • Linyun
    • Interested in portal ontology and application integration projects
    • data integration??? no
    • Eric will start using escience email list
  • Eric
    • IOGDS v 2.0 (in alpha)]
  • Stephan
    • Data quality ontology
    • STOM (Solar-Terrestrial Observation Model), VSTO + O&M (Observations & Measurements) integration
  • Le
    • MetPetDB - middleware for VSTO, prototype done in two weeks
  • Patrick
    • BCO-DMO 0.5 ready to release
      • Need help for testing
    • VSTO 3.0
    • OPeNDAP
    • CEDAR
      • New presentation for data, can be downloaded in NetCDF


  • VSTO temporal representation in SeSF ontology
    • DateTimeDescription for every regular time interval
    • Datasets annotated with DateTimeDescription
    • Used onotolgy: OWL-Time:
    • Descrete interval vs. continuous interval
      • How do these two connect to each other?
      • Don't have use cases
      • In theory there is limit to the time sampling
      • By May 2012, SeSF 0.5
      • OWL-Time is probably good for now to represent time
      • wgs84:

O&M alone is not very usable, it is an abstraction
What we're wanting to do is to extend O&M with specific representations, such as STOM

Extract the generic part of VSTO and apply it to BCO-DMO, NEON, etc.

  • SeSF ontology components
    • Space-time - Eric
    • O&M - Stephan
    • "Observing system"
      • Is O&M the core to represent Instruments, Parameters, People, Events...?
      • General Feature Model
        • General Feature Model [ISO 19101, ISO 19109]
    • Application integration - Eric
    • Portal/Interface
    • Configuration
      • Extract from S2S configuration
    • Provenance
    • User profile
      • Skill level
      • Education
      • Vocabulary
    • "Citable unit"
    • "Support"

Where do our concepts fit into the different components

  • Instrument
  • Parameter
  • Date/Time


  • Geographic region
  • Feature
  • Event
  • People
  • Project
  • Program
  • Platform
  • Deployment