Semantic eScience Meeting October 7, 2011

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General Meeting Information


  • Status
  • BCO-DMO visit discussion (need Peter)


  • Arun
  • Han
  • Linyun
  • Stephan
  • Le
  • Katie
  • Patrick
  • Stephan (remote)
  • Peter

Past Action Items

  • DONE: ER or PW: Point Le to BCO-DMO conversion scripts
  • HW: Test facet rearrange (especially for time)
    • It doesn't work when InstrumentClasses or ParameterClasses are "before" dates
      • OpenSearch script doesn't generate results in these cases
      • Quering at endpoint also has no result
    • Everything else is working
  • PCW: Talk with Stephan about VSTO Ontology integrated with STOM
  • PCW: Take care of VSTO ontology versioning (2.1 ontology?)
  • KD: DONE: write some copy for front page of, run pass. rest of group (including Peter)
    • arun posted Peter's revised version. Working on getting final copy-edits posted.
  • KD: DONE: does Digitool (library repository software) do handles or other persistent links?
    • yes, software supports handles, but we may not be able to get this set up in the immediate future. (waiting on new server for repository currently)
  • SESF: By next friday: take a look at all d working groups at sesf. updating working group page. plan for the workin group

Action Items

  • Create tickets at for problems to solve
  • HW & ER: problem populating the calendar given instrument and/or parameter
  • SESF: By Friday, October 14: take a look at all d working groups at sesf. updating working group page. plan for the workin group, tasks, timeline
  • PW: plan meeting end of this month, production planning, timeline, who needs to go end of month, etc...
  • PW: sync up NEON trip via email


  • GeoSpatial Representation
    • OGC - working group putting together vocab and spatial search functions which can be used to extend SPARQL
    • We are interested in using GEOSPARQL
      • Describes some of the vocab and spatial search functions
    • useful to look at GEOSPARQL; BCO-DMO is relevant
    • MDSA Project, search using bounding box, define specific regions that have specific bias
      • using GEOSparql
    • In VSTO, CEDAR, could/should we use GEOSPARQL instead of Lat/Long
      • CEDAR - Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions
      • GEOSPARQL goes beyond Lat/Long - focuses on a geometry around a point.
      • GEOSPARQL built to denote a coordinate system. Might not include angles, etc.
    • In Discovery group, think about spatial and temporal queries together
    • GEOSPARQL does not attempt to focus on a temporal vocabulary.
    • Does GEOSPARQL provide granularity to represent location of an office within a building
      • Don't know yet. But it might not be useful to go beyond a lat/long
  • VSTO with STOM
    • STOM - Solar Terrestrial Observations and Measurements - integration of VSTO & O&M
    • Observation and Measurment integrated with VSTO ?
      • O&M is a foundational model
      • Create a domain profile of O&M and integrate with VSTO
      • We do have a version of O&M, but thinking of switching to Simon Cox's O&M OWL Ontology.
  • Handle
    • Kind of a combination of DOIs and CrossrRef - need to provide identifier, but also provide a method for dereferencing the identifier to get to the actual stuff.
    • Right now, library would be working on providing persistent identifiers for documents hosted within the library. Providing persistent identifiers for docs hosted elsewhere (like at TW) for the purpose of providing a insititute-wide resolution service is a whole 'nother ball of wax. A much bigger question that we're not ready to address right now.
  • SESF
    • Have the list of taks listed in the working groups by this week
    • We are scheduling BCO-DMO test release (0.5 release) by December
      • some actions need to be taken prior to it
    • BCO-DMO excited on having our technology deployed
    • Used by 100s of oceanographers. We have to be ready for it
    • When we go there, it should be a production schedule rather than a development schedule