Semantic eScience Meeting September 23, 2011

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General Meeting Information


  • Introductions
  • Overview of Projects


Enter your own name here (& what you're working on)

  • Stephan Zednik (Regrets, at GEOSS Workshop)
  • Joanne Luciano: sesf, neon non-specialist use case, ontology evaluation
  • Le Nguyen (software engineer): working on most of it
  • Rajashree: sesf discovery ara
  • Han - sesf, s2s, mdsa, neon, vsto
  • Linyun - Scientific data portal generator and S2S
  • Katie Dunn:
  • Patrick West: bass, drums, etc.
  • Arun:
  • Eric: s2s (inventory, discovery, model thing), BCO-DMO , vsto
  • Amruta (1st yr master's student): sesf, s2s application integration (mostly widget development)

Past Action Items

  • None

Action Items

  • ER or PW: Point Le to BCO-DMO conversion scripts
  • HW: Test facet rearrange (especially for time)
  • PCW: VSTO Ontology integrated with STOM
  • PCW: Take care of VSTO ontology versioning (2.1 ontology?)
  • KD: write some copy for front page of, run pass. rest of group (including Peter)
  • KD: does Digitool (library repository software) do handles or other persistent links?
  • SESF: By next friday: take a look at all d working groups at sesf. updating working group page. plan for the workin group

Next meeting on Oct 7.
ER: would like to talk abut space time ontology about sesf in the next meeting (add to agenda)


  • Ontology repository

Overview of Projects

  • BCO-DMO (Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office)
    • goal is to get out v 0.5 by end of semester
    • w/ woods hole oceanographic institute
    • Use Cases:
    • wanted to expand vsto to other areas
      • have knowledgebase, sparql endpoint. still need to integrate map server, look at some drupal stuff
      • Patrick wants to get more into Agile methodology for some of these smaller projects
        • more freq checkin meetings
    • they are making changes to relational database schema.
    • undergrads are working on pulling data from triplestore and making it look like osprey (text-based HTML interface)
    • New BCO-DMO SPARQL endpoint
      • endpoint:
      • graph:
    • To Do's
      • MapServer Integration for BCO-DMO S2S
      • Prepare for Relational Database Schema Changes
  • VSTO (Virtual Solar Terrestrial Observatory)
    • already have
    • Patrick: realized we were using concepts in the ontology, but not the relationships between the parameters (ex. this sensor (?) has these parameters)
    • Eric: are taking relationships into account now, because of time data (?)
    • were previously using RESTful services to retrieve date info, possible parameters, etc. - was all hard-coded. now: uses s2s?
    • goal for this semester: push out VSTO 3.0 w/ 3.0 ontology
    • Eric: test Cynthia's stuff? Patrick: she is still on a development machine, cleaning up codebase.
    • opensearch service is essentially done (except for widgets), but want to do more internal testing before opening it up.
    • STOM - Solar Terrestrial Observations and Measurements - integration of VSTO & O&M
    • Patrick is in communication w/ Cynthia about what she's doing.
  • ESG - Earth Systems Grid
    • IT'S OVER
    • Patrick has work to do
      • OpenDAP integration with Ferret
  • NESDAA (NEON (National Ecological Observation Network) Educational System for Data Access and Analysis)
    • access to data for non-specialists such as educators and advanced undergrad students
    • non-specialist use case - ability of non-scientists, non-domain specialists to be able to discover data, discover concepts
    • main use case: help a student get data
    • meeting in boulder oct 12-14 to discuss use case and do information modeling
    • Patrick: a lot of knowledge in scientists' heads, a lot of pressure from NSF, etc. to make this knowledge accessible, so that's why we make knowledgebases.
    • Non specialists could pull up this information
    • will also be s2s integration.
  • OPeNDAP - open source data access mechanism
    • Have a product called Hyrax1.8 (will be using this for a lot of our data access (?)
    • got through most of ferret system (thanks to linyun)
    • eric: esip is proposing opendap-compatible links in their open search
    • To Do's
      • Write handler for JGOFS data format
      • Bug fixes for Ferret module and
    • Repository to store information for resarchers at RPI
    • Last meeting minutes at
    • Helpful for researchers to address their NSF "data plans" requirements
    • Involved: Katie, Arun, Patrick, Peter, Le
    • Peter will be approaching deans of RPI schools to get data
    • Figuring out what we need to do to further beyond a "watch this site" page
      • what do we need to do to make it bare-bones usable?
    • Scientists generally put their data on their laptops making their papers unverifiable
    • will help scientists put their datasets on this websites so dat it will be available to others for verification
    • uses DSPACE as repository software.
    • How can we represent relationships between publications (stored someplace) and datasets in -example possible interlinkages between documents in library repository and datasets in DSpace?
      • does library repository software (Digitool) handle handles?
  • HAO-CI (high altitude observatory cyberinfrastructure)
    • Stephan and Patrick
    • dspace? s2s? O&M? etc...
  • SeSF (Semantic e-science Framework)
    • Creation of sesf ontology
    • Ontology evaluation
    • integration with o&m
    • discovery
    • a lot of this is in previous items, but there's also the discovery aspect.
    • application integration
    • ontology development and evaluation
    • scientific data portal generation