Semantic eScience Meeting May 06, 2011

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General Information


  • Scribe: Eric
  • Past Action
  • Summer (Meeting?)
  • Arun's Data Citation Presentation
  • Status


  • Deborah
  • Patrick (mostly here) West
  • Eric (sleepless) Rozell
  • Rajashree
  • Linyun Fu aka Bob
  • Stephan (cranky and sleepless)
  • Han
  • Katie
  • Peter

Past Action

  • Check with Cynthia (whole lab) on what the paid version of Allegrograph is used for (DONE)
    • Stephan: I am not using it at present, but may use it for MDSA web services in the near future
  • PW: finding out what Virtuoso is being used for on iw (NOTHING ... NEEDS TO BE REMOVED)
  • PW: check with Jim McCusker about project he's doing
    • SADI - python work
    • Eric: interested, maybe next semester
      • Eric: Talked to Jim McC.
  • PW and AL: project page for (DONE)
  • ER,HW: time queries (ONGOING)

Action Items



  • Katie: here
  • Linyun: here
  • Han: here
  • Arun: Cisco (CA - Cisco)
  • Rajashree: Cisco (CA - Cisco)
  • Eric: MSR (WA)
  • Peter: here (for a few days, mostly Australia)
  • Patrick: here
  • Deborah: here
  • Stephan: CO
  • Cynthia: CA
  • Yu Chen will be at Franz in Oakland, CA
  • Peter
  • Meetings:
    • Follow all-hands meeting model, set up titan pad, have folks do an update, etc...
  • No meeting on May 20th, or May 27

Data Citation

  • Title - Data Citation: Problems and Solutions
  • Data Citation Purposes
    • give credit
    • reproduce experiments
  • Quality criteria must be met for citation to occur
  • Difference between ID and Locator (must be globally unique)
  • Granularity considerations: file/item level, versioning, evolution of data
  • Versioning in data: generic guidelines for major/minor revisions
  • Candidate Solution: Two citations, one for source dataset, another for granule
  • Persistent identifiers, Handle or DOI, which provides a globally uniq identifier and a bridge service to provide a locator for that identifier


  • dataset sited? Parent dataset? If to URI of the dataset, the dataset would require ... provenance? Properties referencing sources

provenance = map mashup is the resulting data, comes rom these data sources with this process run against it
citation = citing the data sources that the map is generated from
citation emphasizes source and generally avoids usage
citation does not address reproducibility

Tracking Data Citation

  • Questions
    • Does dspace provide service to generate a new doi?
    • Slide 7 - Why give parent datasets credit? Only useful data deserve credit
    • Slide 11 - Looked into P2P systems for bridge services? (What if service goes down?)
    • 3D PDF?


  • Eric
    • BCO-DMO - integrating various systems together. Map server interface, OGC WMS/WFS service, SQL RDBMS, RDF triplestore
    • Charleton and Eric integrated the OSDD with Map server, etc...
    • Eric writing presentation/paper on integration of these
  • Rajashree
    • Discovery
    • Looking into free text search
    • BCO-DMO text SIREn
    • BCO-DMO publication
  • Peter
    • Reduced number of people
    • Lay out expectations/agenda for BCO-DMO project
  • Deborah
    • VSTO ontology review this afternoon
  • Arun
    • Data citation!
  • Linyun
    • Scientific Data Portal Generator Project
    • Semantic Model Construction
    • Literature Survey
    • Ferret Module Code Review
  • Han
    • OpenSearch service for VSTO
    • Writing search functions
    • Issues in instrument classes and parameter classes
      • Trouble with getting "label" when turning on reasoning
      • Talk to Ankesh about Virtuoso
  • Cynthia
    • Working on CSIRO
    • Optimization of query time
  • Stephan
    • VSTO / O&M Integration
      • VSTO/O&M cmap
      • Should be coordinated with Eric's work on VSTO Time Records