Semantic eScience Meeting April 22, 2011

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General Information

  • Meeting Page
  • Previous Meeting Page
  • Titan Pad 111
  • GotoMeeting
    • Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.
    • Dial +1 (215) 383-1013
    • Access Code: 253-463-200
    • Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
    • Meeting ID: 253-463-200


  • Scribe (Arun)
  • Past Action Items
  • Status Updates
  • Santa Barbara Meeting Update (Stephan and/or Deborah)
  • Discussion Topic (suggestions? Discovery? dSpace? eLibrary? Citations and Attributions?)


  • Patrick West
  • Linyun (Bob)
  • Han
  • Arun
  • Himanshu
  • Katy
  • Rajashree
  • Stephan
  • Eric

Past Action Items

  • Check with Cynthia (whole lab) on what the paid version of Allegrograph is used for (DONE)
    • Stephan: I am not using it at present, but may use it for MDSA web services in the near future
  • PW: finding out what Virtuoso is being used for on iw (NOTHING ... NEEDS TO BE REMOVED)
  • PW: check with Jim McCusker about project he's doing
    • SADI - python work
    • Eric: interested, maybe next semester
  • PW and AL: project page for
  • ER,HW: time queries

Action Items

  • PW: Remove Virtuoso on iw machine
  • PW: Remove unneeded user accounts from iw machine
  • PW and Arun - set up project after meeting
  • Rajashree: Set up meeting with Peter, Eric, Patrick


  • Josh said that there isn't a lot of difference between Allegrograph and Virtuoso
  • Talked with Jim McCusker - Needs help with some python coding
    • Use python to do integration with an API to provide a web service
  • Patrick had a conversation with Lisa Raymond regarding DSpace
    • Looking to add metadata schema beyond dcterms - geospatial, etc.
  • eScience might not be the long term home (server ) for DSpace


  • Working on workflows
  • Cynthia has written queries for instruments
    • Eric - How is the instrument hierarchy constructed ?
    • Cythia- Based on the ontology
    • Eric - Use SPARQL/Jena
    • Cytnhia - SPARQL
    • Eric- How do we get order relation ?
    • Cythia - Do one level at a time. Multiple queries at a time
    • Eric - Evan does it with one query.
  • OpenSearch has 6 facets
  • Eric has a triple store with time instances in it with interactive response times
  • VSTO's java code can use OpenSearch to provide a RESTful service
  • Simple to get info about a person using a URI without using SPARQL
  • Han rewriting queries
  • Hard part is to rearrange the facets
  • Stephan started more work on Observations and Meaasurements
    • Sent a cmap to Patrick,Peter and Eric
    • Observation is an event (in effect, but a GFI_Feature, to be precise)
    • OGC is interested in modelling things in RDF
    • Use case - interoperability reasons
  • Paulo - Provide provenance for all Data points
  • Deborah Co-PI on SONeT?
    • Scientific Observations Network (SONeT)
    • main PI is Mark Schildhauer (UCSB)
  • CSIRO collaborators use WaterML2, a profile of O&M2
  • VSTO 3.0 uses data sets, time instances
  • Eric and Han working on S2S and VSTO integration
  • Data and Document are conceptually different
  • O&M doesn't aim to categorize documents
    • does not have a document concept


  • Patrick,Eric,Rajashree and Peter need to talk regarding Discovery


  • Developing a website to demonstrate use of Social trust for CSIRO use case


  • Sent Arun a data management page for


  • Changed project name to Scientific Data Portal Generator


  • Created RPI branded theme for DSpace