Semantic eScience Meeting April 08, 2011

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General Information

  • Previous Meeting
  • Titan Pad 106
  • GotoMeeting Information
    • Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.
      • Dial +1 (646) 558-2100
      • Access Code: 312-333-921
      • Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
    • Meeting ID: 312-333-921


  • Scribe - Arun
  • Previous Action Items
  • Discovery
  • NCI
    • popscigrid
    • CLASS - classification of laws associated with school students-
  • Smart App
  • Hackathons
    • Elsevier
    • NIH/NCI
  • VSTO Time (Virtuoso Tutorial)
  • Status


  • Deborah
  • Patrick
  • Eric
  • Shrikanth
  • Arun
  • Katie
  • Himanshu
  • Bob/Linyun
  • Han
  • Cynthia
  • Joanne

Previous Action Items

  • PW: ping Lindsay and Jackie at VCC re (DONE, all set up)
  • PW: email response from Cynthia about TW1 AllegroGraph license (paid version)
  • RD: subscribe to ESIP discovery email (DONE)
  • SZ,KD: GeoData blogs (Katie DONE, Stephan NOT)
  • HW: Talk to Greg about getting access to Grind Stone (Greg: didn't know of any machine with MPI setup in the lab)
  • ER,HW: parallel time queries

Action Items

  • Check with Cynthia (whole lab) on what the paid version of Allegrograph is used for (DONE)
  • PW: finding out what Virtuoso is being used for on iw
  • PW: check with Jim McCusker about project he's doing
  • PW and AL: project page for
  • ER,HW: parallel time queries



    • Automatic generation of web services
    • Overlap with Rajashree's work
    • - providing discovery of the data at this site?
    • Our projects would use OpenDAP for data access, but we want to construct our framework around discovering the data access within our framework, don't want to constrain ourselves to just OPeNDAP
    • Discovery of datasets vs. Discovery of data access mechanisms
      • Data Discovery
      • Data Inventory Discovery
      • Data Access Discovery
    • Registry based discovery vs. Crawler based Discovery ( Publish vs. Search )
      • Combination of both. New user wants to be able to "discover" what is available at a given portal where someone else might subscribe to receive notification when a particular type of data, or data from a paticular region, etc... is made available and search that data
    • ESIP plans to use Google API
    • OWL-S Services ontology has more documentation about granular discovery


  • Are others working on creating generic adapters to external triple stores ?
  • Moving VSTO towards a semantic framework
  • Li has SPARQL proxy ( php code ) which could point to an endpoint. Proxy can return SPARQL results in many formats
  • Need to abstract out VSTO ontology to create a more generic ontology - SeSF Ontology
    • See the link:
  • SONET is looking for a generic ontology
  • Greg working on federated query, Li working on SPARQL proxy , Josh, Cynthia and Shangguan have good Allegrograph experience
  • Adapters for JENA
    • Virtuoso:


  • National Cancer Institute
  • PopSci grid demo
    • Initial demo on Tobacco
    • How to use work (light weight) / SESF work ( heavy weight)
    • Varied policies exist
      • Some policies aggravate the problem
    • To do some hackathons around this
    • Hackathon to be done with Elsevier and NCI
      • One hackathon here and one at DC

  • Arun
  • using dSpace
  • has collected use cases
  • focusing on data publishing mechanisms
  • secondary focus on data citation
  • looking into geodata datasets
  • place to host the data
  • but want to only grant permission to people who ask for the data
  • discovery mechanism
  • data id, can act is URI? dcterms beginning, but need more metadata
    • SeSF Ontology Framework
    • more metadata
      • differing metadata needs for different disciplines
      • negotiation with data submitters re: metadata, data formats. (what they submit initially might not be very usable by a 3rd party)

Social Trust

  • Himanshu
  • Social Trust aspects for CSIRO
  • CSIRO inferencing weather patterns
    • Based on social data ( tweets , status updates on FaceBook, etc.) Weighting this social data according to the relevancy of the search parameters

Web Search Generator

  • Linyun Fu
  • Abstract process of creating search service
  • Create a generator that takes in description files and generate .war files that could be consumed by Tomcat
  • Related Work to survey and Summarised design issues on Drupal page (

VSTO Time Instances

  • Han
  • Metadata catalog (SQL Catalog)
    • Each record covers each date in the catalog
    • Temporal Reasoner
      • Use data which fits in a specified date range


  • Waiting for a demo
  • To followup on email about what the demo can do
  • Waiting to hear back from Patrick and Deborah