SPCDIS Project Technology Infrastructure

Inference Web suite

Proof Markup Language (PML)

  • Proof Markup Language (PML) helps users encode and share their proofs in RDF, and it is supported by a series of tools for generating, registering, searching, and visualizing the Proof content.
  • A PML Primer from the Stanford University Knowledge Systems, Artificial Intelligence Laboratory can be found here.

IW Toolkit

Web-based and standalone tools that facilitate human users to browse, debug, explain, and abstract the knowledge encoded in PML.


SPCDIS Project Architecture

SPCDIS is a work in progress!

While the architecture of the final SPCDIS software stack is still being developed, check out the technologies that we will be using to build SPCDIS at the Technology Infrastructure page.

Capture of Provenance

The idea is to insert provenance capture/logging statements into a data pipeline.

SPCDIS Project Key Concepts

Science challenge - data ingest

In the disciplines of solar and solar-terrestrial science, space weather, and space physics in general, the importance of multi-channel observing instruments and instrument suites and thus the rate of rich data streams is growing at a rate that makes the effective use of those data limited to a small, often expert, community.

HAO and its collaborators routinely run instruments taking resolved images of the Sun in multiple wavelengths with rapid time sampling.

SPCDIS Broad Design

Start at the source

In analyzing the needs of instrument data providers, several challenges are clear:

  • "Data is coming in faster, in greater volumes and outstripping our ability to perform adequate quality control."
  • "Data is being used in new ways and we frequently do not have sufficient information on what happened to the data along the processing stages to determine if it is suitable for a use we did not envision."
  • "We often fail to capture, represent and propagate manually generated information that need to go with the data flows."
  • "Each time we develop a new instrument

SPCDIS Use Cases

Updated SPCDIS Use Cases (as of Aug., 2011)

CoMP/HAO Use Cases [Download]

About: Use cases 1-5 were originally developed for CHIP, and adapted for CoMP early in the Summer, 2011. Likewise, use cases 6-7 were developed based on discussions with HAO Staff (in particular, Steve Tomczyk). Use cases 1-5 were adjusted to focus on the retrieval of a high-level provenance trace, which in turn can be annotated with processing details relevant to scientists. This contrasts with a provenance trace that captures *every* detail of the execution.

SPCDIS Requirements

Domain Data

The following are domain data that will be used, searched and visualized.

  • FITS Images
  • Generated quick-look GIF
  • Generated movies



  • mediate different dialects of FITS keyword names
  • allow access to legacy FITS keyword names/ values


  • standard used by large communities (e.g.

SPCDIS Provenance Search Demos

NOTE: these demos are for a very early prototype of the SPCDIS provenance and do not represent the end-product from the project.

Search by format and creation dateTime

Search by format. CHIP datafiles use the CHIP Binary Image format and Quicklook images use the GIF format. Only a couple products are available in the search from Sept. 18, 2008 so set the search dateTime to 'unknown' or select during this day.

SPCDIS Project Meeting 6/5/2009


  • Stephan Zednik
  • Peter Fox
  • Paulo Pinheiro da Silva


  • CHIP-PML generation at UTEP
    • Progress can be documented on the PML Wrapper Workgroup
  • Summer status and plans for SPCDIS progress
  • PML modeling Workgroup
    • PML integration with external ontologies
      • PML Sensor CHIP is defined at http://proxy.cedarweb.hao.ucar.edu/registry/SEN/CHIP.owl and CHIP VSTO Instrument is defined at http://dataportal.ucar.edu/schemas/mlso.owl#mls
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