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DCO-DS Meeting February 17, 2015 - Patrick, Momo and Han

1. Pushing VIVO fixes to production

  • Push new war file to udco first
  • verify that we didn’t break anything

2. DCO keystore issue

Adoption of RDA DTR and PID in Deep Carbon Observatory Data Portal

Presented at the RDA Fifth Plenary Meeting


The Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) community is building a cyber-enabled platform for linked science, made available to the community by a multi-institutional data portal. Persistent identifiers and domain specific data types have been identified as key technological issues the portal must address. This presentation focuses on the DCO portal’s planned adoption of RDA DTR and PID methodologies and technologies as a means to address the DCO community's need for persistently identifiable and understandable data type information.


DateCreated ByLink
March 5, 2015
Xiaogang MaDownload
March 4, 2015
Xiaogang MaDownload

Related Projects:

DCO-DS LogoDeep Carbon Observatory Data Science (DCO-DS)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Co Investigator: John S. Erickson and Jim Hendler
Description: Given this increasing data deluge, it is clear that each of the Directorates in the Deep Carbon Observatory face diverse data science and data management needs to fulfill both their decadal strategic objectives and their day-to-day tasks. This project will assess in detail the data science and data management needs for each DCO directorate and for the DCO as a whole, using a combination of informatics methods; use case development, requirements analysis, inventories and interviews.
TW LogoResearch Data Alliance Adoption Initiatives (RDA Adoption)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Co Investigator: Xiaogang Ma
Description: The Research Data Alliance (RDA) - Data Type Registry (DTR) Working Group addresses a part of a core problem relevant to interoperability among data management systems: the ability to parse, understand, and potentially reuse data retrieved from others. The RDA - Persistent Identifier Information Types (PIT) Working Group addresses the essential types of information associated with persistent identifiers. We have undertaken an effort to adopt the DTR and PIT outputs in the Data Portal of the Deep Carbon Observatory (DCO) and have received positive results.

Development and Architecture Design

1 The General Methodological Approach

We discussed two approaches for the DTR.
1.1 An integration approach
This is the design shown in our proposal. That is, to have a separate DCO-DTR organizing all the data types while DCO-VIVO will communicate with it.

User takes action from list of Project Update display

Points of Contact:Patrick West

Authors:Patrick West


To allow a user to take action (create, modify, delete) a project update originating from a display of a project’s list of project updates.


This use case begins when a DCO User decides that they need to either create or modify a project update. In order to do that they must first find the project. And the best way to do that is either through the grant browser, the project browser, or the field study browser.

In any of the pages that display project information we will also display information about project updates. From there a user should be able to create new project updates for the reporting year or modify/delete an existing project update. This use case will cover one of those pages specifically, but as alternative flow we’ll mention other current locations that a user could launch their action from.

The view of a project will include the project updates for the reporting years, with the current reporting year visible first. The user will have the ability to look at previous reporting years from this page as well.

The end result is that the user will be able to take action by creating a new project update for the currently selected reporting year or to modify one of the displayed project updates.

This use case does not cover the creation or modification of a project update but simply the display of project updates with their projects and the ability to take action to create or modify a project update.


DateCreated ByLink
February 27, 2015
Patrick WestDownload
February 27, 2015
Patrick WestDownload

DCO-DS RDA Planning Meeting February 10, 2015


  • Patrick
  • Stephan
  • Apurva

Action Items

  • Apurva - set up meeting with John Erickson for tomorrow (Wednesday February 11)
    • I think Apurva mis-understood what the parameters of me being on campus were/are. Tomorrow’s not a TWed, so I’m not staying over...
  • Stephan - send Apurva documentation on RESTful services
  • Apurva & Patrick - read up on RESTful services


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