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Overall Architecture

Current architecture diagram for TW Web Site

TW Web Site Architecture Diagram

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TW Web Site View

TW Web Site Project Design Documents

Broad Design

The new TW Web Site will be semantically enabled in many ways. The goal is to be able to render semantic conent and edit semantic content from within a CMS system, such as Drupal or MediaWiki. Semantic technologies that we would like to use on this project include an external triple store accessed via a sparql endpoint, being able to render query results from the query via xslt and include RDFa on the page as it is being rendered so that RDFa readers will be able to pick up the content.


TW Web Site Project Use Cases

  1. Joe Public sits down at his computer and is interested in learning more information about the semantic web. He stumbles across a link for Tetherless World Constellation at RPI, He clicks on the link and begins to learn about what we do and how we are applying semantic technologies to the web, and sees that we offer courses on semantic technologies.
  2. A project sponsor is interested in seeing the progress of a project TWC is currently working on. They have been given the link to the project page within the TWC web site.

TW Web Site Project Collaborators

Project Participants

Principal Investigator:

Co Investigator:


Evan W. Patton

Evan Patton has worked with technology for most of his life in one form or another, and began more rigorous explorations during elementary school on an old Apple IIe computer. Since then, he has explored a variety of topics in computer science, including database systems, networking protocols, syste [...]

Patrick West

Patrick West is a senior full-stack web developer at Workday Inc. He is currently responsible for the design and development of full-stack web applications in support of the various applications provided by Workday including HR and Payroll support applications. Previously Patrick was the princip [...]

TW Web Site Meeting July 20, 2010


  • Ontology changes by Evan
  • Demo of new XSLT/rendering of content by Evan
  • Front Page discussion
  • Project navigation
    • externally viewable
    • internally viewable
  • Documentation (short term)
    • creating new projects
    • creating new people
  • Announcement instance for alpha release for Monday the 26th
  • Announcement instance for first official release for August 16
  • Creating project pages for data-gov in drupal, external and internal.
    • Internal and external contributors (not knowledge base)
    • Group already created for Data-Gov Project
    • Content Type already c

TW Web Site Meeting August 3, 2010


  • State updates


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • Jin

Action Items

  • Jin to fix the link under "Create Content" for Person
  • Jin to finish work on Concept pages
  • Jin to add slideshow to front page using 6-10 pictures
  • Evan to work on sparql tag with module
  • Evan to fix project page content.

TW Web Site Project Announcements

  • TW Drupal Web Site Hackathon to take place Thursday, November 18 at 5:30pm
  • TW Drupal Web Site first release will be Monday, September 20th (Patrick West, Monday, September 6, 2010)
  • TW Drupal Web Site alpha release will be Monday, September 6th (Patrick West, Monday, August 31, 2010)
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