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The purpose of this document is to propose changing the TW Ontology class tw:Concept to a skos:Concept based system.

Reasoning for the Change
Currently there is a class, tw:Concept, that has many individuals currently ( This is a simple, flat, dictionary of terms that we use to tag documents, projects, events, people’s interests and more.

TW Website Ontology Working Group

Current Schema

  • Representations
    • HTML
    • JSON - not available
    • TTL - not available
    • n3 - not available
    • RDF/XML - need to also respond to .rdf
  • Current CMAP
  • Current Image


TW Website Project

Principal Investigator:
Co Investigator:
Concepts: Information Model, Faceted Search, Computer Science, Ontology, Semantic Web, Linked Data, Web Science, Semantic Web Services
A semantically-powered Tetherless World Website running in the Drupal CMS. This combines many web standard technologies, including RDF, SPARQL, XSLT, and XHTML.


Logo for the Tetherless World Constellation

TW Web Site Meeting, November 1, 2013

Welcome to TitanPad!

General Meeting Information


  • Status, around the room
    • Patrick, general
    • Evan, TS and Editing
    • Mike, word completion text box selection
    • Joshua, twdoc module, and new visualization on pages.


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • Mike

Past Action Items

Action Items


TW Website Calendar

VIVO Conference 2013
This year's VIVO conference provides a unique opportunity for people from across the country and around the world to come together in the spirit of promoting scholarly collaboration and research discovery.

The VIVO conference is an excellent opportunity to meet with VIVO team members from participating institutions, and offers an open and collaborative environment to share ideas and discuss topics related to adoption and implementation of VIVO, VIVO-based tools and the opportunities created by advancing data sharing and team science.

Dates: August 14, 2013 - August 16, 2013
Concepts: Data Management, Data Visualization, Data Science
DrupalCon 2013
DrupalCon is a conference that will address open standards which allow separate independent systems to communicate with each other. At the same time, the conference will bridge not only new users to Drupal, but other open source and web communities. In fact, for the first time DrupalCon will co-locate with two other significant long-standing conferences: Symfony Live and WebVisions.

Dates: May 20, 2013 - May 24, 2013
VIVO Implementation Fest 2013
The Implementation Fest is an opportunity for VIVO implementation teams from around the country to gather, share, learn and exchange information related to technical and policy/adoption aspects of VIVO. The goal of the Implementation Fest is to assist, support and help facilitate ongoing VIVO implementations.

Dates: April 25, 2013 - April 26, 2013
Concepts: Data Management, Data Visualization, Data Science, Ontology
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Description: None.
Dates: April 12, 2010 - April 12, 2010
Concepts: Web Science
Untitled (
Description: None.
Dates: April 5, 2010 - April 5, 2010
Concepts: Web Science
Untitled (
Description: None.
Dates: March 29, 2010 - March 29, 2010
Concepts: Web Science
Untitled (
Description: None.
Dates: Not Found

TWC Portal HCI Team Working Group Page


  1. For our various TW portals to have a more current and professional look
  2. For form and function to be more tightly integrated
  3. Esp., for the style to highlight the semantic web features of TWC web content

In other words, 1. Looks cool, 2. Works well, 3.

TW Web Site Meeting February 02, 2011

Meeting Information


  • File Upload (Evan)
  • Publication Creation (Evan)
  • Event Creation (Eric)
  • RDFa report (Jin)
  • Ontology, query, xslt for courses, assignments, readings
  • Navigation for courses split over many pages
  • Permissions for non-TWC members


  • Patrick "duh" West
  • Eric "the hitman" Rozell
  • Jin "the dragon" Zheng
  • Dylan "Kit

RDF to HTML Documentation


The RDF to HTML project is an attempt to make a portable toolkit for transforming RDF/XML encoded data from common Semantic Web ontologies into XHTML for the purpose of rendering it in a cross-platform way. The primary method for this task is the XML Stylesheet Language, XSL.

TW Web Site Meeting January 26, 2011

Meeting Info



  • Scribe - Linyun
  • Priorities
    • file upload
    • create new content
    • RDFa
  • Trac Tickets
    • 26 tickets


  • Patrick
  • Eric
  • Evan
  • Jin
  • Linyun

Action Items

  • PW and EP: file upload by 1/28
  • PW and EP and ER: forms for new content
  • AG: modules common between sites
  • JZ: RDFa research


  • Priorities
    • file upload -- finish by Jan 28 by Patrick and Evan
      • content negotiation
      • versioning
      • annotation
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