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SOLR-HADataC Configuration Environment

SOLR-HADataC Supporting Software and Installation Document

This page contains pointers to pages containing the software components required for installing SOLR-HADataC instances.

HADataC Browser - Download

HADataC Browser code is hosted at Github:

Use the following link to clone the browser:

  •  git clone

MOCCASN: Mobile Context Capture for Sensor Networks

Static Demo Page

MOCCASN is a mobile application that runs on the Android operating system. It was developed to address the need to enable practicing scientists to efficiently capture deployment metadata in accordance with the HASNetO ontology.


MyJefferson is a Demonstration Portal of semantic-enabled functionalities in direct support of the Jefferson Project's community. Current and future users of these functionalities include scientists from a broad range of areas of interest, lake communities, and the public in general who are concerned about the well-being of the beautiful Lake George in upstate New York.

Dataset Registration

Datasets, Observation Datasets, and Observation-Invariant Datasets

An observation dataset is a collection of values from one or more measurements. An observation-invariant dataset (OID) is an observation dataset where the dataset content is the result of one or more measurements, where all of the measurements occur during a single observation.

General Instructions

Jefferson Project: Use Cases

1. Salt Run-Off Use Case

2. Phosphorous Model Use Case

3. Intelligent Deployment of Sensor Networks Use Case

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