TW Web Site Project Use Cases

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  1. Joe Public sits down at his computer and is interested in learning more information about the semantic web. He stumbles across a link for Tetherless World Constellation at RPI, He clicks on the link and begins to learn about what we do and how we are applying semantic technologies to the web, and sees that we offer courses on semantic technologies.
  2. A project sponsor is interested in seeing the progress of a project TWC is currently working on. They have been given the link to the project page within the TWC web site. They go to that page and begin to read about the design of the project, use cases being developed, presentations that have been given for the project, and status of the project.
  3. A collaborator on a project currently being worked on at TWC is interested in learning about upcoming events and/or meetings related to the project. They have been given a link to the project page on the TWC web site. This page includes a link to the internal project pages, which they click on.
  4. Display all papers published that are supported by the SPCDIS and MDSA projects in 2009.
  5. Produce a list of all pages that Patrick West has created (modified, or whatever) in 2008. (This is available in MediaWiki, for example, under Special Pages:User Contributions)
  6. Find and display all social semantic web efforts being worked on at TWC and the people involved in them.
  7. Display all conferences where the SPCDIS project had a presence; what papers, posters, or presentations where displayed; and all group members who attended each conference?
  8. Find and display all events and the people who attended the events for a given project and any related presentations and publications.
  9. Display a list of all publications/presentations relating to semantic provenance.