RDF to HTML Documentation

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The RDF to HTML project is an attempt to make a portable toolkit for transforming RDF/XML encoded data from common Semantic Web ontologies into XHTML for the purpose of rendering it in a cross-platform way. The primary method for this task is the XML Stylesheet Language, XSL.

What do we mean by semantically enabled?

Flow chart depicting the flow of content from when a page is requested to when the final XHTML content appears

Ontologies we currently support:

  • Friend of a friend (FOAF)
  • Dublin Core
  • Tetherless World Ontology
  • OWL Time

Coming soon:

  • iCal
  • RSS

SPARQL Queries

XSLT Components

Drupal Modules


TW Forms

TW Docs

Technical Implementation

All of the code for the RDF to HTML project is available from our subversion repository at https://scm.escience.rpi.edu/svn/public/rdf2html/trunk/. This repository includes all of the queries and all of the XSLT used for generating pages on our Drupal site.