TW Web Site Meeting, November 1, 2013

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Welcome to TitanPad!

General Meeting Information


  • Status, around the room
    • Patrick, general
    • Evan, TS and Editing
    • Mike, word completion text box selection
    • Joshua, twdoc module, and new visualization on pages.


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • Mike

Past Action Items

Action Items



  • Continuing the modularization of the twsparql module, removing functions from twsparql.module that are now implemented in TWSparql or DrupalTWSparql classes/files.
  • Completed command line interface for the module, will document that on the web site today (November 1, 2013)
  • Should be able to generate some unit tests now for the code. Specifically:
    • loading query files
    • loading xslt files
    • running the query and getting back the result
    • transforming results
    • error conditions (no query file, no xslt file, can't talk to the endpoint, multiple tags on a page, etc...)


  • Continued work on SPARQL endpoint during hackathon.
  • Made it easier to run integration tests in both Tomcat and Jetty (TC for Eclipse, J for Maven)
  • Seems like updates are working; still need to unit test rdf:XMLLiteral datatype for escaping.
  • Blocked by NSF proposal


  • Working on twdoc module, specifically the PHP modularization rather than having a DRUPAL module.
  • Looking into Visualization. So far messed around with D3. Possibility of others.
  • Will be in attendance for the next meeting.


After meeting with Patrick on 10/31 for some explanation of the dev environment and various tw* modules, I'm looking at the jQuery "chosen" plugin to be able to handle multi-select input with typeahead autocomplete for concepts and authors and organizations.

General Discussion

  • In the autocomplete work that Mike is doing, right now a URI is sent back to the server of the items selected. If the concept is new, however, what do we send back?
    • Mike and I discussed sending back the text that is entered by the user as the label, removing spaces to create the URI ( and making sure the first letter is capitalized. So, if a URI is sent back, then it already exists. If not a URI then it's a new concept.