TW Web Site Meeting February 02, 2011

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Meeting Information


  • File Upload (Evan)
  • Publication Creation (Evan)
  • Event Creation (Eric)
  • RDFa report (Jin)
  • Ontology, query, xslt for courses, assignments, readings
  • Navigation for courses split over many pages
  • Permissions for non-TWC members


  • Patrick "duh" West
  • Eric "the hitman" Rozell
  • Jin "the dragon" Zheng
  • Dylan "Kitsune" Enloe
  • Evan "overworked" Patton

Previous Action Items

  • PW and EP: file upload by 1/28
  • PW and EP and ER: forms for new content
  • AG: modules common between sites
  • JZ: RDFa research

Action Items

  • PW and EP: play with taxonomy, report for next meeting
  • JZ: RDFa report next meeting


File Upload

  • File upload finishing up API for media server
  • URL:
  • Document tag: TW_Wiki.doc [Download]
    • revision: defaults to 'latest', but you can specify something like "2011/01/31/bac46"
      • will move to revision numbers in the future
    • mode: {'a' (default), 'img', 'embed'}
    • alt: Text for the link (alt tag for img)
  • Still need to do:
    • document list
    • embed in instance creation forms (publications, presentations, class, etc...)

Event form

    • Still need to finish submission script
  • Will need a concept form to create new concepts
  • form="" attributes in sparql tags can be removed, but don't break anything, Remove as seen during an edit.


  • Ran a script against all of the drupal pages

Course of action

  • select one page from each class
    • person, org, project, theme, event, course, publication, presentation, person list, publication list, event list, course list, etc...
    • find out how many triples are for the page
    • look at the RDFa and see if it is correctly formed
    • make sure all the appropriate information is present
      • e.g. person name, affiliation information, project information, concept information, role information, etc...

Still needs work

  • Individual page for events
  • Individual page for concepts
  • sparql tag in individual CourseClass pages
  • Individual document pages

Future Future work

  • Query writer (gui)
  • XSLT writer (gui)


  • Switch Internal to tw user instead of authenticated
  • new terms for each project, course, theme, whatever instead of adding new content types
  • Would make content types more usable (Li wants machine content type with required fields)