TW Web Site Meeting July 13, 2010

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  • Status
    • Evan
    • David
    • Jin
  • Ontology discussion with Greg
  • Drupal and different access control (Jin)
  • Daily meetings starting next week


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • David
  • Jin
  • Greg

Action Items

  • Patrick to get more individual RDF for Person
  • Patrick needs to get solid date

Meeting Notes

  • Evan is writing a script to translate the publications/presentations from MediaWiki into our RDF
  • Still outstanding
    • Publications/presentation
    • Location
    • Role
    • Event
  • Getting ready for production
    • Triple store and end-point will be on tetherless as well.
    • Will be able to have Drupal and MediaWiki on the same machine
    • Have start scripts for machine reboot
  • David will be able to finish up Location and Role this week
    • His last day is next Friday July 23rd
  • Jin on access control
    • Site administration section for permissions for different sections of the web site
    • Create a class called SESF project.
    • Will work on this next week when Evan is back in town
  • Daily working meetings starting next week. 2-3 hours.
    • Monday at 2pm
  • Ontology discussion
    • using xsd:string. Don't use xsd:string, use Internal
      • use xsd:string, Literal, or add a language tag
      • Evan brought up the idea of needing some kind of data type for creating the forms
    • Use of xsd:anyURI, should just be rdf resource (per Greg)
      • hasDepiction is a sub property of foaf depiction, which is inaccurate.
    • why are those intermediate nodes needed, like tw:image is a class instead of an image
      • more information needed here from white board and discussion
    • Wierd relationship with FOAF. Sited in the ontology, but the modeling is wrong, such as using subclassing of FOAF, subproperties
      • agree with this in terms of the current modeling
    • Using tw:Document or tw:Agent instead of foaf classes