TW Web Site Meeting June 8, 2010

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  • Status


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • David
  • Jin

Action Items

  • Patrick to create more instances for
    • publications
    • presentations
    • projects
    • working groups
  • Jin to create all hist instances for presentations/publications/papers
  • Patrick will get students to create their person instance data with a role
    • don't have a form yet, but they can create the rdf directly

Meeting Notes

  • Evan updates the triple store by running a script that
    • shuts down the triple store,
    • erases the database,
    • starts the triple store,
    • and loads the rdf
  • Evan
    • Theme xslt is done, but just not in a decent format, needs to do css, done by midnight tonight
    • Need to have best practices for using this technology for using with other projects
    • RDFa, need to integrate RDFa into the presentation
    • Work on Publication next
  • David
    • Testing is working on his machine
    • Will be able to finish up the translations (project and organization)
    • When done will work on Presentation
    • What Evan is doing might break what David has done
  • Jin
    • Working on his instance data
    • Will work on Concept xsl