TW Web Site Meeting May 25, 2010

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  • Go over meeting between Eric and Evan last week
  • Go over action items from last web site meeting
  • Evan status
  • David status
  • Jin status
  • Ontology updates
  • Instance data
    • Let's all add some during the meeting


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • David
  • Jin (call in)

Last Weeks Action Items

  • David to request SVN account (DONE)
  • Patrick to give David SVN account (DONE)
  • David to test his XSLT
  • Patrick to check with Jin on his two action items from last week (DONE)
  • Eric to check with Jin on submitting instance data (new and mods) (DONE)
  • Patrick to make ontology changes below (Evan and Patric, DONE)
    • use editor, not protege.
    • svn update first
    • update CMAP)
    • Ontology changes
      • Make hasAbstract range union of string and anyURI
      • hasProjectReference, hasThemeReference, etc... sub properties of hasReference
      • hasWorkingGroup -> WorkingGroup part of Project
      • hasDemo -> Demo with no domain, can be part of anything?
        • Might just make part of Project and WorkingGroup for now
        • Could be a demo for a person, demo for an organization

New Action Items

  • Patrick
    • BCO-DMO
      • Working Groups
    • WHOI
      • Working Groups
    • Patrick West
    • Patrick West's Publications/Posters
  • Evan
    • Evan Patton
    • TW Website Project
    • NSF
  • Jin
    • Jin Zheng
  • David
    • David Molik
  • Action item:
    • Evan: Separate instance.rdf into files
    • Evan: Working Group class et al.
      • Name Members, description, meetings
    • Evan: Occupation class to schema

Demo class for tagging all of our demo pages (particularly for if we reuse this for group website)
Various means of contact subproperties (has email, has fax, etc)
Occupation class to match the TW Wiki document
Add tw:hasAffiliation to all roles (not just author)

Also, I'm not sure if we have addressed this in the ontology (although we have discussed it): the tw:hasParentTheme for specifying subtheme relationships.

Meeting Notes