TW Web Site Meeting May 10, 2010

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  • Update on last weeks action items
  • Status of rendering content
  • Status of forms
  • Status of drupal pages
  • Security, ability to allow people to only see and edit certain pages


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • Eric
  • David
  • Jin in data-gov meeting

Last Weeks Action Items

  • Evan will submit the new ontology and instance data to subversion (DONE)
  • Patrick will submit the new version of the cmap to subversion (DONE)
  • Eric and Evan will sit down Wednesday so Eric can take back the forms (DONE)
  • David will have some of the rendering done by next Monday, Organization, then project then theme (DONE, NEEDS TO TEST)
  • Jin will set up some load tests for the triple store
  • Jin will take some form and create a drupal form page.

Action Items

  • David to request SVN account
  • Patrick to give David SVN account
  • David to test his XSLT
  • Patrick to check with Jin on his two action items from last week
  • Eric to check with Jin on submitting instance data (new and mods)
  • Patrick to make ontology changes below
    • use editor, not protege.
    • svn update first
    • update CMAP)


  • Went over Last Weeks Action Items
  • Eric needs to work with Jin on submitting instance data
    • Evan suggests that we do it by hand to see the process
    • Then code to that manual process
    • Also includes deleting instances
  • Ontology changes
    • Make hasAbstract range union of string and anyURI
    • hasProjectReference, hasThemeReference, etc... sub properties of hasReference
    • hasWorkingGroup -> WorkingGroup part of Project
    • hasDemo -> Demo with no domain, can be part of anything?
      • Might just make part of Project and WorkingGroup for now
      • Could be a demo for a person, demo for an organization