TW Web Site Meeting May 03, 2010

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  • TW Ontology
  • Status Updates


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • Eric
  • Jin
  • David

Action Items

  • Evan will submit the new ontology and instance data to subversion
  • Patrick will submit the new version of the cmap to subversion
  • Eric and Evan will sit down Wednesday so Eric can take back the forms
  • David will have some of the rendering done by next Monday, Organization, then project then theme
  • Jin will set up some load tests for the triple store
  • Jin will take some form and create a drupal form page.


  • Would it make sense to make our properties subproperties of foaf
    • at the moment, no
    • eventually, if we want to integrate with others, we will want to
  • Big question is will the triple store be able to handle the load of a new web site
    • Need a test plan for pounding the triple store and seeing how it handles:
      • how many requests at one time. Is there a limit?
      • how many requests before it crashes, if it crashes. Should we set up a cron to restart? Or a watcher of some sort (cynthia)
  • Patrick sent Evan the new ontology and instance data
  • Each concept will have it's own drupal page to display the form.