TW Web Site Meeting April 26, 2010

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  • TW Ontology


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • Eric
  • Jin
  • David

Action Items

  • Eric and Patrick will take a look at the TW ontology and remove properties or create equivalentProperty equivalentClass
  • Eric will continue to work with Evan on creating the forms
  • David will continue to work with Evan on creating the XSLT
  • Jin will work to see if can remove content from the edit page and use our forms within the page (in a div using JavaScript)


  • TW Ontology, created tw:Document equivalentClass to foaf:Document
  • same with Agent, Person, Organization
  • at what point in the development of an ontology do you decide that one is far enough along that removing or renaming classes and properties is no longer an option?
    • We probably aren't at that point.
    • For now we'll remove the duplicate properties and clean up the ontology using FOAF and SIOC
  • Evan and David are continuing to work on the XSLT
    • removing properties will have an impact on this development
  • Evan has been creating an XSLT for translating a SPARQL result to an RSS feed
  • Evan has a form created for editing person
    • conflicts in editing not as much of a problem as only tripes changed are saved rather than the whole thing
  • Jin got it where if you click on Edit can either redirect to another page, or goes to edit page with some content added