TW Web Site Meeting April 19, 2010

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  • getting demo set up for May 4th
  • Evan status
  • Eric status
  • Jin status


  • Patrick
  • Evan
  • Eric
  • Jin
  • David Molik

Action Items

  • Eric will work with Evan on new form creation, converting what Eric has already done to new system
  • Jin will look to see if we can have our own Drupal Node
  • David will work with Evan and begin to work with XSLT
  • Evan will check with Li regarding cached sparql
  • Patrick will begin to learn how to do everything


  • Eric says that the forms created are just for creation, not for editing
    • Need to change naming convention for submitting forms so knows if creation or edit
    • Jin will need to remove the instances and add all the new instances
    • Issue with blank node, how do we represent the blank node when creating/editing content
  • David ready to take on writing XSLT
  • Need to rework the forms to work with Evan's work (JSON) modularized forms, etc...