TW Web Site Project Design Documents

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Broad Design

The new TW Web Site will be semantically enabled in many ways. The goal is to be able to render semantic conent and edit semantic content from within a CMS system, such as Drupal or MediaWiki. Semantic technologies that we would like to use on this project include an external triple store accessed via a sparql endpoint, being able to render query results from the query via xslt and include RDFa on the page as it is being rendered so that RDFa readers will be able to pick up the content.


The system will be able to be used by multiple sites using the same or multiple endpoints. For example, the CEDAR project at RPI could take advantage of this system when viewing information from the VSTO ontology. Or the LOGD project could render content from the same TW ontology that is used to render the content of this new web site.


The following document is the first design document that was created for this new web site.