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Technology Infrastructure


The Tetherless World website uses the Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Drupal is an open-source project with many active developers and is used for millions of websites. Drupal gives us greater flexibility then other CMS such as Mediawiki but is simpler then other CMS such as BaseCamp. Developing modules for Drupal allows us to display semantic content easily. We've developed three modules for Drupal.

  • twsparql - this module allows us to specify queries to run and xsl translations to use to generate html content to be displayed on a page.
  • twform - this module allows us to create semantic content, creating new instances by building custom forms that are tied to classes and properties defined in an ontology
  • twdoc - this module allows us to upload and save files such as images, word documents, pdf documents and more, and allow the user to add semantic information about the documents

Jena Triplestore

Jena TDB Triple Store, although outdated now, gave us a triplestore that is easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to populate.

Joseki Endpoint

The Joseki SPARQL Endpoint sits in front of the Jena Triplestore and provides us with the SPARQL query interface. Anyone can get to and use the TW SPARQL Endpoint to discover more about our ontology and our instance data.

Technology Infrastructure for last TW Web Site (Semantic Media Wiki)