SemantAqua Development

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This page is an unofficial manual for performing development on SemantAqua, either for one of the existing modules or for new modules. We provide a number of resources, including how to install and configure the maven build system for SemantAqua development, installing plugins for Eclipse to ease development, accessing the code via source control systems, instructions on building and deploying a module, etc.

Configuring the Build Environment

  1. Installing and Configuring Git
  2. Installing and Configuring Maven
  3. Installing and Configuring Eclipse
  4. Installing and Configuring Tomcat

Building SemantAqua

  1. Importing Git Copy of SemantEco into Eclipse
  2. Understanding SemantEco's Maven Profiles
  3. Creating a new SemantAqua module

Deploying and Debugging SemantAqua

  1. Build and Deploy SemantEco from the command line
  2. Debugging from Eclipse
  3. Accessing nightly builds via Jenkins
  4. Deploying a module to SemantAqua
  5. Debugging SemantEco from browser console
  6. Debugging Issues Pertaining to Eclipse

Extending SemantAqua

  1. Writing a new module
  2. Communication between Client and Server
  3. Maintaining State
  4. Interacting with other Modules via Events
  5. Debugging a new SemantAqua Module