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Tim Lebo
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Seyed, P., Chastain, K., Ashby, B.E., Liu, Y., Lebo, T., Patton, E.W., and McGuinness, D.L. 2013. SemantEco Annotator. In Proceedings of ISWC 2013 (October 21-25 2013, Sydney, Australia).

McCusker, J., Lebo, T., Krauthammer, M.O., and McGuinness, D.L. 2013. Next Generation Cancer Data Discovery, Access, and Integration Using Prizms and Nanopublications. In Proceedings of Ninth International Conference on Data Integration in the Life Sciences (July 11-12 2013, Montreal, Quebec).

Seyed, P., Lebo, T., Patton, E.W., McCusker, J., and McGuinness, D.L. 2013. SemantEco: A Next- Generation Web Observatory.

Lebo, T., Wang, P., Graves, A., and McGuinness, D.L. 2012. Towards Unified Provenance Granularities. In Proceedings of International Provenance and Annotation Workshop 2012 (June 18-22 2012, Santa Barbara, California).

Lebo, T. and McGuinness, D.L. 2012. Abstracting Granular Provenance.

McCusker, J., Lebo, T., Graves, A., DiFranzo, D., Pinheiro, P., and McGuinness, D.L. 2012. Functional Requirements for Information Resource Provenance on the Web. In Proceedings of International Provenance and Annotation Workshop 2012 (June 18-22 2012, Santa Barbara, California).

McCusker, J., Lebo, T., Chang, C., Pinheiro, P., and McGuinness, D.L. 2012. Parallel Identities for Managing Open Government Data. IEEE Intelligent Systems

McGuinness, D.L., Shaikh, A.R., Lebo, T., Ding, L., Courtney, P., McCusker, J., Moser, R., Morgan, G.D., Tatalovich, Z., Willis, G., Contractor, N., and Hesse, B.W. 2012. Towards Semantically-Enabled Next Generation Community Health Information Portals: The PopSciGrid Pilot. In Proceedings of Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences 2012 (January 4-7 2012, Grand Wailea, Maui).

Lebo, T., Erickson, J.S., Ding, L., Graves, A., Williams, G.T., DiFranzo, D., Li, X., Michaelis, J., Zheng, J., Flores, J., Shangguan, Z., McGuinness, D.L., and Hendler, J. Producing and Using Linked Open Government Data in the TWC LOGD Portal. In Linking Government Data, pages 51–72. New York, 2011. 10.1007/978-1-4614-1767-5_3

Wang, P., Zheng, J., Fu, L., Patton, E.W., Lebo, T., Ding, L., Luciano, J.S., and McGuinness, D.L. 2011. Next Generation Environmental Informatics as exemplified by the Tetherless World Semantic Water Quality Portal. In Proceedings of AGU Fall Meeting 2011 (December 5-9 2011).