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Patrice Seyed
Contact Info

Patrice Seyed was a postdoctoral fellow at TWC, RPI, via the Data Integration and Semantics Work Group of the NSF DataONE project, under the supervision of Deborah McGuinness. Patrice completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Buffalo (UB) in December of 2011. Prior to beginning his Ph.D. progam at UB, Patrice received an M.A. in Psychology and an M.S. in Computer Science, from Boston University. Prior to joining Tetherless World in the summer of 2012, Patrice worked as an ontologist for the US Air Force at the Council for Logistics Research.

Patrice’s thesis work, 'A Method for Evaluating Ontologies', integrates the BFO Upper Ontology framework and OntoClean ontology quality assurance methodology into a sorted, first-order formal system, and as a proof of concept provides a corresponding Protege plugin for interactively evaluating ontological development choices.

Patrice's main interests include formal and applied ontology, including the practical application of Semantic Web technologies to help solve data transparency and data integration research problems.

Patrice is a member of IAOA and AAAI.

Project CO-PI

SemantEco Annotator Project LogoSemantEco Annotator
Principal Investigator: Deborah L. McGuinness
Co Investigator: Patrice Seyed
Description: Generating useful RDF linked data is not a straightforward process for scientists using today's tools. In this project we introduce the SemantEco Annotator, a semantic web application that leverages community-based vocabularies and ontologies during the translation process itself to ease the process of drawing out implicit relationships in tabular data so that they may be immediately available for use within the LOD cloud. Our goal for the SemantEco Annotator is to make advanced RDF translation techniques available to the layperson.