Massimo Di Stefano

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Massimo Di Stefano
Contact Info

Massimo Di Stefano is a Software Engineer on staff at the Tetherless World Constellation. He will be working from Woods Hole, MA with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) on the ECO-OP (Employing Cyber Infrastructure Data Technologies to Facilitate Integrated Ecosystem Approach for Climate Impacts in North East & California Large Marine Ecosystems) project with Professor Peter Fox and collaborators from WHOI. He has spent more than five years developing Geographical Free and Open Source Software, with current development activities in GRASS, OSSIM, QGIS and OSGeo Live projects.

He has been working with WHOI for the past year on related projects.

Massimo comes to us from Eboli, Italy, graduating with a Master Degree in Environmental Science from "Istituto Universitario Partenophe", specializing in Marine Ecosystem.

Project Collaborator

ECOOP LogoEmploying Cyber Infrastructure Data Technologies to Facilitate IEA for Climate Impacts in NE & CA LME's (ECO-OP)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Co Investigator: Andrew Maffei
Description: The purpose of this INTEROP proposal is to facilitate the deployment of an Integrated Ecosystem Approach (IEA) to management in the Northeast and California Current Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs). The direct result of the proposed activity will be application-level data and information enhanced communication for developing the consensus networks to define the specific components of interest to support the implementation of NOAA’s Driver-Pressure-State-Impact Response framework (DPSIR) decision framework and the cyberinfrastructure technologies to ensure data interoperability and reuse.