Eric Rozell

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Eric Rozell
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Graduated with a Masters in Computer Science in December 2012 and a Masters in Technology Commercialization & Entrepreneurship in May 2012. Now working at Microsoft Online Services Division in Bellevue, Washington.

Eric was a graduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). In Fall 2008, he was admitted to the RPI School of Science Accelerated B.S./Ph.D. program. Since then he has pursued research under the supervision of Prof. Peter Fox in the areas of eScience and Informatics. He graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from RPI in May 2010, then worked with the Tetherless World Constellation towards his Ph.D.. He worked on projects including temporal modeling for the Virtual Solar-Terrestrial Observatory and the TW Web Site, both of which have major implications for the Semantic eScience Framework project, and was the designer and developer of the S2S faceted browse application framework.

Here are some links to some of my projects and working groups:


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Project Collaborator

Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management OfficeBiological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Description: The Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office (BCO-DMO) was created to serve PIs funded by the NSF Biological and Chemical Oceanography Sections as a location where marine biogeochemical, ecological and oceanographic data and information developed in the course of scientific research can easily be disseminated, protected, and stored on short and intermediate time-frames.
Resource Discovery for Extreme Scale Collaboration (RDESC)
Principal Investigator: Jesse Weaver, Karen Schuchardt, and Eric Stephan
Co Investigator: Peter Fox
Description: Our objective is to develop a capability for describing, linking, searching and discovering resources used in collaborative science that is lightweight enough to be used as a component in any software system such as desktop user environments or dashboards but also scalable to millions of resources. A key design goal is to offer local control over resource descriptions thus reducing one of the bottlenecks to widespread adoption. We propose to build a prototype framework and associated services, the Resource Discovery for Extreme Scale Collaboration (RDESC), that meet these objectives.
SeSF Project LogoSemantic eScience Framework (SeSF)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Co Investigator: Jim Hendler and Deborah L. McGuinness
Description: Over the past few years, semantic technologies have evolved and new tools are appearing. Part of the effort in this project will be to accommodate these advances in the new framework and lay out a sustainable software path for the (certain) technical advances. In addition to a generalization of the current data science interface, we will include an upper-level interface suitable for use by clearinghouses, and/or educational portals, digital libraries, and other disciplines.
S2S Project LogoSemantically Enabled Facetd Browser (S2S)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Co Investigator: Stephan Zednik
Description: S2S is a user interface framework that leverages the machine-readable semantics of data, services, and user interface components, or "widgets". S2S automates various tasks in UI development for search interfaces.
2011 BS/PhD Talk