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Jing Zhang



Project CO-PI

I-Choose LogoI-Choose: Building Information Sharing Networks to Support Consumer Choice Project (I-Choose)
Principal Investigator: Theresa Pardo
Co Investigator: Jing Zhang
Description: The Building Information Sharing Networks to Support Consumer Choice Project (I-Choose Project) is a four-year research activity funded by the National Science Foundation. The research team consists of a network of researchers and practitioners from Canada, Mexico, and the United States. The project aims to develop a data interoperability framework to provide consumers with a wide range of certification information about how, where, and by whom products are manufactured and brought to market. The project focuses on development of interoperability among stakeholder communities for the single case of coffee grown in Mexico, and distributed and consumed in Canada and the United States. The lessons learned from this specific case will then be generalized across other product domains.

Project Collaborator

ECOOP LogoEmploying Cyber Infrastructure Data Technologies to Facilitate IEA for Climate Impacts in NE & CA LME's (ECO-OP)
Principal Investigator: Peter Fox
Description: The purpose of this INTEROP proposal is to facilitate the deployment of an Integrated Ecosystem Approach (IEA) to management in the Northeast and California Current Large Marine Ecosystems (LMEs). The direct result of the proposed activity will be application-level data and information enhanced communication for developing the consensus networks to define the specific components of interest to support the implementation of NOAA’s Driver-Pressure-State-Impact Response framework (DPSIR) decision framework and the cyberinfrastructure technologies to ensure data interoperability and reuse.