Semantic eScience December 1, 2010

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Previous Meeting


  • Kathryn Dunn, from the RPI Library, to discuss with us the new role of the RPI library and a possible collaboration with TWC
  • Discussion with Katie


  • Patrick West
  • Jim McCusker
  • Cynthia
  • Eric
  • Linyun
  • Arun
  • Evan
  • Daniel S.
  • James Michaelis
  • Stephan Zednik

Previous Action Items

  • Patrick: Setting up new page for AGU (DONE)
  • PW: push new VSTO (software) version (working on test machine ligo, will push live)
  • PW: Invite Katie down for next eScience meeting to talk about publishing semantic information, knowledge provenance, semantic documents within the library system instead of within the lab. "Kathryn M. Dunn" (DONE)
  • Eric: meetings of interest, Twitter hashtag for TW @ AGU
    • #agutwc
  • Eric: Summarize SRO work from Joanne for research ontology wiki (DONE)
  • Eric: Summarize RDF compression work (DONE)
  • Eric: Working Group for VSTO updates (In Progress)
  • Eric: Add DoCO content to SPAREvaluation (DONE)
  • EVERYONE attending AGU - visit the page and add your details, talk/poster, day, time, etc.
  • EVERYONE attending AGU - also if you are to/ intend to attend someone's talk/ poster session

Action Items

  • PW: push new version of VSTO to escience
  • PW,ER: presentation by SPAR group about findings
  • PW: Get Jim Myers to present on his middle-wear, triple store on top of document store
  • PW: set up working group under a project, or go with idea repository
  • PW: get together with professors about setting up grants
  • PW: Joe Frucelo (sp?), did tupolo, get him to come here and give a presentation


AGU Links

  • AGUFM10 -
  • AGUFM10 Participation page -
  • AGUFM10 SVN repository -

Semantically Enabled Digital Library

  • Drupal has support for uploading document, but want additional features
    • Tagging, annotation, revisions, versioning...
  • Working on system to store semantic information
  • Why is library not using semantic data?
  • Semantically enabled digital library
  • lower left there is a link to Rensselaer Digital Collections
  • Must be an interest in the individual departments that would have an interest in doing this.
  • No library really has the staff to maintain such a thing
    • there hasn't really been a motivation to do this
  • fresh water institute is interested in this

Interesting problems with this

  • current tools do not support semantic annotations
  • documents can be stored
  • digital preservation is of interest, but nothing is promised
  • there is dublin core information provided, but not much

  • SPAR ontology
    • need to look at this more
    • would be nice to have a presentation from the SPAR group
      • We have a wiki that would give more information that putting a presentation together
  • RDA - RDF-based, RDF compatible description
    • libraries work with cataloging rules
    • still working with rules from 60s and 70s
    • RDA is new
    • no immediate impact because there are billions of documents with old rules
  • Job for Data Format Description Language
  • Tupelo
    • open source software (
    • already a group working on this, so getting them involved
  • versioning
    • we want to be able to use versioning
    • current tools do not really support versioning
    • is something that people need, scientists
  • TWC solution
    • you get two URI
    • for each upload, you get a uniq URI for that version
    • but there is also a URI for the "current" version
  • W3C has something like that, so how do they do it
  • Sightseer
  • Mendela (sp?) - not really something we would be interested in as it has problems
  • Arxiv - another system that handles this sort of thing
  • From Jim Myers
    • data net is something that he's looking to get funded, $4million
    • would be a collaboration between different organizations and could include RPI, TWC, RPI Library, etc...
    • Medici ( )
      • Parameterized content store
      • images, pdf, videos
      • can write extensions that know how to get certain information from other types of docs
  • where do we go from here???
    • organize meeting with interested parties to discuss this even further?
      • Katie
      • Jim Myers
      • Patrick
    • There is a grant out there, waiting to hear, is there an opportunity to write a grant?
    • Get Fran down here to continue this discussion for Digital Rensselaer

Media Ontology

  • Does such an ontology exist?
  • MIME?