Source code and comparision of extensions

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This page shows a screen-shot of the source code of DEMO Marking Up NSIDC Dataset Using Schema.Org Extension, and explains how extension works.
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Source Code Screen-shot

The example page is marked up with not only HTML tags, but also vocabulary and microdata format.After putting pages marked up before and after extensions into Webmaster Tools, one can see significantly differences as follows:

The first page have nothing structured information extracted if it's not marked up with extensions, although the page it self contains a lot of useful information, like metadata, that is important to us. While the marked up page is extracted nearly everying structure infomation in that page by search engine like google. This is very useful as
we usually search things via those search engines, if our interested pages are marked up by extensions, search engines can understand the content on that page and further refine the search results, finally display the pages that are in accord with users' demands.