Semantic eScience Meeting March 25, 2011

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Meeting Information

  • Previous Meeting
    • Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.
    • Dial +1 (215) 383-1013
    • Access Code: 338-994-441
    • Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting
    • Meeting ID: 338-994-441
  • Titan Pad


  • Scribe - Rajashree
  • Previous Action Items
  • Project Updates
    • HAO-CI - High Altitude Observatory Cyberinfrastructure project
    • VSTO - Virtual Solar Terrestrial Observatory
    • SeSF - Semantic eScience Framework
    • ESG - Earth System Grid
    • BCO-DMO


  • Patrick West
  • Arun
  • Eric
  • Rajashree
  • Linyun (Bob)
  • Himanshu
  • Han
  • Cynthia

Previous Action Items

  • PW: Find the Allegrograph installation for VSTO ( (SEE NOTES)
  • SZ,KD: GeoData blogs
  • HW: Talk to Greg about getting access to Grind Stone
  • PF: Funding regarding getting Nathan out (DONE)
  • PW: Narrative quarterly report for ESG work by 15th (DONE)
  • ER,HW: parallel time queries
  • PW,EP:, get on, clone the interface
    • Work with Lindsay to get this to happen
    • (request made to VCC, no response)

Action Items

  • PW: ping Lindsay and Jackie at VCC re
  • PW: email response from Cynthia about TW1 AllegroGraph license
  • RD: subscribe to ESIP discovery email
  • SZ,KD: GeoData blogs
  • HW: Talk to Greg about getting access to Grind Stone
  • ER,HW: parallel time queries


VSTO Triple Store

  • Time instance triple store (, named graph:

No use cases except for instance data.
Cynthia set up Allegrograph

  • Aquarius triple store - cannot answer queries in reasonable amount of time because of the number of triple stores
  • Virtuoso and Allegrograph have almost the same level of performance - loading time was similar. Need query time data.
  • Allegrograph version on tw1 licensed??? Has basic VSTO data only. Need to ask Cynthia.
  • Discussion with Tobias and Stephan from BCODMO group -
  • Himanshu is doing an independent study under Prof. Peter Fox. He is working on Social Trust. Will explore CSIRO.


  • Still no access to Grind Stone
    • an email to Greg was sent
  • Working on generating instance data for CEDAR
  • Working on parallel time queries

Patrick is working with Evan on this

Blog RE GeoData

  • (use LDAP credentials)
  • Email Katie for Geodata blog

Project updates


  • PW populated use case page
  • PW and RD to chat about data discovery
  • ESIP Discovery Cluster


  • Patrick and Shrikant making progress
  • making mods for access to MLSO
  • making mods for access to Madrigal (including some stuff from CEDAR)


  • working on getting a data node installed
    • directs people to access data (product server, GLOBUS, OPeNDAP, download)
  • script to help with data node
  • looking into using rewrite to convert TDS URLs to DAP URLs
    • should enable std. Hyrax to work with TDS URLs


  • Discovery Service
    • NOESIS - Search within atmospheric domain
    • Claddier -

    Search engine to search both datasets and documents -  environmental science
 .     Results of search are from 3 separate data sources:

    * CCLRC       - CCLRC ePublication Archive. 

    * SOTON       - e-Prints Soton, the University of Southampton Research Repository.

    * BADC       - British Atmospheric Data Centre.

· Links data and associated publications
· It harvests metadata records from these repositories via OAI-PMH and indexes them
· Searches only the metadata, not the contents of the datasets or the documents

  • S2S
    • Paged results
    • Map Widget based OpenLayers
      • BCO-DMO WMS


  • all of the above

  • Arun has submitted a proposal - use Dspace for repository.
    • Supports OAI-PMH for metadata harvesting, handle system to find datasets.
  • data life cycle models - propose a better model


  • Eric is working on this
  • Patrick will look at next week
  • Wiki page to display services and products (coming soon)