eScience Meeting February 11, 2011

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General Information


  • Scribe = Rajashree
  • Introductions
  • VSTO-Time
  • Leo virtual machines
  • BCO-DMO paper
  • Other papers


  • Rajashree
  • Eric
  • Linyun
  • Han
  • Arun
  • Patrick
  • Cynthia (on call)
  • Stephan (on call)

Past Action Items

  • All AGU Attendees: Blog posts
    • ER:
    • PW:
    • SZ:
    • EP:
    • PF:
    • DLM:
  • EP: Bring in posters when you get in (DONE)
  • ER: set up meeting on public health, JHU group collaboration
  • SZ: work with Greg for additional science-based poster (w/ Patrick as first author)
  • ER: abstract for EGU on S2S (DONE)
    • PW: take lead on , everyone will contribute (DONE)
  • EP,PW: Organize submission to ESSI Collaborative Frameworks Issue

Action Items

  • PW: Add Events to drupal
    • EGU 2011
    • OWLED 2011
    • SemTech 2011
  • ER: Follow-up on JHU Public Health Coordination
  • ER: Send Han 2010 OWLED paper (DONE)
  • ER: Put OWL-Time triples in public location on aquarius (DONE)
  • ER: Send Han VSTO Portal Workflow Queries (from OWLED 2010 testing) (DONE)
  • ER: Open Doodle for BCO-DMO (DONE)
  • HW,ER: Work with Medha RE BitMat
  • PW: Erase ts evaluation virtual server
  • EP,PW: virtual servers, unable to log in


VSTO Time Instances

  • Han working probably on the temporal module of VSTO
  • Currently generated OWL-Time time instances for CEDAR
  • We do have 4 new machines, high powered cluster machines, 24TB disk, 48GB mem
  • Triple Stores on Aquarius
  • Evan is working on getting Bitmaps on mobile devices.
  • Check how to load the triple stores on different servers (and check the disk space, if there's enough memory) - Arun will coordinate this

BCO-DMO Publication Plan


( Community of practice - basically deals with the sociological aspect of projects.)

  • data model (rdb schema) -> information model -> data model (rdf owl)
  • mapping terms from bco-dmo to cdata net (seavox)
  • individuals to start working on their sections for the BCO-DMO publication paper.
  • Set up a meeting for the BCO-DMO publication.

ESG Crunch Time

  • this post suggests a way to let C++ module read Java objects, and it mentions CORBA and RMI