Meeting Notes 2011-01-10

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Previous Meeting

Meeting Information



  • AGU Fall Meeting 2010 Wrap-up
    • Student Blog Posts
  • VSTO Updates Plan of Action
  • BCO-DMO publication
  • ESIP ontology service - Peter to point to slides on this
  • ESG
  • EGU abstracts (tomorrow!)
  • Earth Science Informatics is now Earth and Space Informatics and Peter is guest editing a special issue on Space Informatics
  • GeoData informatics workshop -


  • Patrick West
  • Eric
  • Evan (remote)
  • Stephan (remote)
  • Peter
  • Cynthia (remote)

Previous Action Items

  • Eric: Working Group for VSTO updates (In Progress)
  • PW: push new version of VSTO to escience
  • PW,ER: presentation by SPAR group about findings
  • PW: Get Jim Myers to present on his middle-wear, triple store on top of document store
  • PW: set up working group under a project, or go with idea repository
  • PW: get together with professors about setting up grants
  • PW: Joe Frucelo (sp?), did tupolo, get him to come here and give a presentation

Action Items

  • All AGU Attendees: Blog posts
    • ER:
  • EP: Bring in posters when you get in
  • ER: set up meeting on public health, JHU group collaboration
  • SZ: work with Greg for additional science-based poster (w/ Patrick as first author)
  • ER: abstract for EGU on S2S
  • PW: take lead on , everyone will contribute
  • EP,PW: Organize submission to ESSI Collaborative Frameworks Issue


  • 7 presentations, 5 posters at AGU Fall Meeting 2010
  • Blogs for AGU should go to Wordpress,

Eric's AGU experience

    • Eric adding today
  • Eric commenting on people's need for geo-spatial searching, and temporal
    • has only 6 formats that they will accept data
    • NASA is having to convert their data to one of the 6 formats
    • Big problem with the agencies that have been collecting data for long periods
    • peta bytes of data that they are having to move their data
  • Everyone should be getting an idea of the benefits of open data ( and linked data
    • articles available on these benefits, folks in the lab should be aware of these benefits

Evan's AGU experience

  • Best practices for linked data and eScience (use of URIs)
  • Have a physical entity, how do you describe your data about this sample, changes over time
    • core sample that has to be frozen, kept frozen, over years
    • how do you represent the information related to this physical sample
  • Peter's Comments:
    • Being worked on at Lamont-Doherty, Unique Sample Identifiers
    • eScience framework must deal with data not yet measured (samples, etc.)
  • Attended many different sessions in the different sciences, applying semantic eScience to these different fields (hydrology, space physics, life on other planets, etc...)

Cynthia's AGU experience

Stephan's AGU experience

  • More focused questions on knowledge provenance
    • People are getting a better handle on provenance and other Semantic Web topics
    • They want feedback from TWCers to bring back to their lab
  • Eric Stephan new provenance connection (attended IPAW)
  • Felt presentation went okay (Evan suggests getting closer to mic, not turning away)

Patrick's AGU experience

  • BEST AGU EVER (period)
  • Must stay on script for presentation (and having to turn from mic)
  • Peter's Comments: watch out for context (from switching back and forth, some repetition is okay)
  • Monday meeting with BCO-DMO (with Cyndy, Andy, Dicky, Bob Arko, Tobias, and TWCers)
    • Evan stepped it up with Semantic Web details
    • Seeing where the projects were going (both R2R and BCO-DMO)

Peter's AGU Experience

  • Very successful in terms of TWC and RPI visibility
  • Positive feedback from quality of presentations and posters (especially people)
    • Chris Lynnes says Stephan presents provenance better than he or Greg Leptic
  • First year many groups realized how far ahead we are
  • 5 or so prospective collaborations
    • Eric Stephan, PNNL
      • Stephan's
    • Michelle Weiss, Bob Schaefer, JHU (John Hopkins)
      • GIAI - Climate results with impacts on health
      • Our work with public health data
      • Dominic work as well
    • HAO, Lance Jones (Sr. Systems Admin.), new director (Mike Thompson)
      • NSF data management reqs., relooking at Peter's data management proposals from 15 yrs. ago
      • CEDAR and MLSO reimplementation, rework use cases, play with framework, more presence at NCAR
    • Non-specialist use case from VSTO (Aurora/Sun-Earth System use case)
      • Approached by NEON (Nat'l Ecological Observatory Network), $50x10^6 NSF project
      • Use Case: Data-driven freshman level biological/ecological curriculum
      • Joanne to take the lead
      • get Yongmei involved for NLP
    • Data citation, referencing
      • Arun Prakesh doing an independent study on this topic
      • Work with Katie Dunn and Jim Myers
  • Go to Annabelle's




  • (DONE) Push new VSTO changes to escience
  • Make some of the look and feel modifications
  • External triple store and endpoint for VSTO knowledgebase
    • Set up triple store and endpoint, and develop queries
    • modify code to use the external triple store