The Datalift Project: Ontologies, Datasets, Tools and Methodologies to Publish and Interlink ★★★★★ Datasets

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Abstract: Publishing linked data can be as simple as installing a tool on a server in a few clicks. However, publishing quality linked data is another story. Ontologies need to be carefully selected and designed, reference datasets need to be identified and the corresponding resources linked to the new dataset. These tasks require both a considerable amount of effort, as well as the availability of referentials. The Datalift project proposes to tackle these issues on the example of publishing french public sector data. Datalift aims to develop a suite of tools easing the publication process, and to provide reference ontologies and datasets that can serve as authoritative datasets on which others can link.

We will present the current progress toward reaching this goal, in particular we will focus on Linked Open Vocabularies, a tool for analysing vocabulary usage on the Web of data, and on techniques allowing to automate the data linking process. We will also show our progress towards building a french linked-data ecosystem.

Francois Scharffe

Titan Pad 139