ESIP Federation Winter 2013 Meeting

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Website: ESIP Federation Winter 2013 Meeting
When: January 8-10 2013
Where: Washington, DC
As an organization, the ESIP Federation optimizes collaboration through in-person meetings and virtually through collaboration space on the Web. Partners utilize these neutral forums for knowledge exchange and collaboration–an intellectual commons of sorts–where practitioners solve common problems. This community-based approach is discipline neutral, with the technology solutions supporting science by improving discovery, access, integration and interoperability.

The ESIP Federation meets twice annually, January and July. Each meeting has a different focus. The winter meeting, held the first week of January in Washington, DC has a focus on higher level policy issues. The summer meeting, typically held in the third week of July moves around the country to different locations. The summer meeting is technical in nature. The meetings supplement interactions throughout the year by offering concentrated blocks of time to work collaboratively on issues of interest to the community. Each meeting has a theme, ranging from evaluating the impacts of data to defining data and information quality. Feel free to join us at an upcoming ESIP Federation meeting.
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