Second International Colloquium on Data Provenance and Data Management for eScience (DPDM'11)

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Website: Second International Colloquium on Data Provenance and Data Management for eScience (DPDM'11)
When: March 18 2011
Where: Melbourne, Australia
eScience is computationally intensive science that is carried out in highly distributed network environments. eScience allows scientific research to be undertaken by communities of researchers that span disciplines, laboratories, organisations, and national boundaries. Meanwhile, the complex nature of the interactions in the eScience infrastructure, which includes people, applications, data, instruments and computational facilities, has identified a strong need for data management and data provenance. Data management addresses research issues in designing, building, managing, and evaluating advanced data-intensive systems and applications. This allows domain scientists to work more efficiently,achieve greater exposure and protect data from loss or misuse. Data provenance enables scientists to capture the information cycle of a particular data product. It is essential to improve the collaborators’ confidence in sharing/consuming data products, and to encourage users to participate in research collaborations. By making the data and its associated provenance information accessible for researchers, it not only helps to determine the data’s value, accuracy and authorship, but also enables the experiments to be reproduced which is important for publication and regulation. CSIRO has recognised the value and opportunity arising from cross-disciplinary science and the strong need to accelerate data management and data provenance capabilities in eScience. DPDM'11 is to foster a dialogue between domain experts and eScience researchers, improve joint understanding of their core business problems and state-of-the-art methods, and discuss new opportunities to promote the best actionable provenance facilities in enterprise applications. This is the first stage in what we hope will become an ongoing national dialogue on provenance research to improve its impact and relevance in eScience. Given the focus of this colloquium on real world eScience, web, and business projects, we expect domain scientists, web technologists, and researchers who are interested in data management and data provenance to actively participate in this colloquium.