TWed Lightning Talks Spring 2016

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Website: TWed Lightning Talks Spring 2016
When: May 11 2016
Where: Winslow Building Room 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY, US
TWed Lightning Talks (Spring 2016)
When: Wednesday, 11 May 2016 (6p)
Where: Winslow 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY
VIDEO: TWed video streams
Google Event: Click Here

Plan to join us this WEDS, 11 May (6p) for a very special TWed as the Tetherless World Constellation holds its end-of-term Graduate Research "Lightning Talks" TWed session. This special TWed is a great way for the TWC community to learn of the wide range of amazing research happening at the Tetherless World, and "a good time is had by all!"


BACKGROUND: Lightning talks are VERY short --- approx. 2 minute! --- summaries by our students of current research work, with no NO SLIDES and only brief "crib notes."

"The point (of a lightning talk) is to make a point, and explain it as quickly (and clearly) as possible. That's it..." Don't caught up in the whole idea of providing background information or explaining other issues.

STUDENTS: See this helpful guide BUT remember that there will be NO SLIDES for your talk; lightning talks are about YOU clearly describing YOUR work.

  • This an ALL HANDS for TWC students.
  • We have an "APOLOGIES" section. Please use it if you can't be there. TWCers if you can't be there on Weds, put your name there...
TWed Logistics (Spring 2016):
  • TWed schedule
  • 6p-7p, 1st floor Winslow (1140)
  • Pizza or snacks will be provided for TWed Talks