TWed Discussion: Knowledge Graph Engineering with Satoru

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When: September 27 2017
Where: Winslow Building Room 1140, RPI Campus, Troy, NY, US
TWed Talk: Weds, 27 Sep (6p *AE 217*)
TITLE: "Knowledge Graph Engineering with Satoru"
LEADER: Jim McCusker
VIDEO: TWed video streams
EVENT: Youtube
KEYWORDS: Semantalytics, Knowledge Graphs, Semantic Web, RDF, Data Science

Knowledge graphs provide a powerful basis for data science, enabling researchers to more naturally and effectively leverage the semantics of domain science in all aspects of the data analytic workflow. In this talk Jim McCusker, Director of Data Operations for Tetherless World Constellation and the architect of Satoru, will discuss how this powerful new framework makes the construction and application of knowledge graphs more accessible to domain scientists.

NOTE: This talk is highly relevant for several of the current projects in Data Analytics Research Lab (Fall 2017); DARL students are strongly encouraged to attend. We are holding this TWed in the Data INCITE Lab (AE217) to make more space available.

DESCRIPTION: Satoru is a nano-scale knowledge graph publishing, management, and analysis framework. Satoru aims to support domain-aware management and curation of knowledge from many different sources. Its primary goal is to enable creation of useful domain- and data-driven knowledge graphs. Knowledge can be contributed and managed through direct user interaction, statistical analysis, or data ingestion from many different kinds of data sources. Every contribution to the knowledge graph is managed as a separate entity so that its provenance (publication status, attribution, and justification) is transparent and can be managed and used.

BIO: Jim McCusker is Director of Data Operations for Tetherless World Constellation at RPI and is the architect for Satoru. Jim specializes in the use of knowledge graphs in biomedical research, most notably "Finding melanoma drugs through a probabilistic knowledge graph." He has worked as a software developer for more than a decade in bioinformatics, high performance computing, data mining, natural language processing, and supply chain auditing.

  • ALL TWC STUDENTS are STRONGLY encouraged to attend, regardless of whether the talk is in your specific research area.
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